Bedroom Tax Demo – 5th April – One Year On

bbj bedroom tax logoHated, unjust and unworkable. One year on the Bedroom Tax is still there – but only just. Campaigning locally and nationally has had an effect.

* In Scotland the Tax has been defeated.

* Pressure has meant the Labour Party has promised they will abolish the tax.

* Birmingham City Council has admitted 3000 people in long term tenancies had benefits taken away in error and they will be given a rebate.

*Court cases have ruled in favour of disabled couples having separate rooms if they wish, and in favour of separated parents needing a room for visiting children, and that a room must be in use as a bedroom to count as a bedroom. These cases could see hundreds of thousands given rebates due to unlawfully having their benefit cut

Protest for benefit justice

Saturday 5th April

1:00pm, Waterstones, High St, City Centre

The death of Stephanie Botterill and others shows the tragic results of these attacks on vulnerable and disabled people. The Government blames us – the disabled, the low paid, the unemployed for the crisis – instead of their rich banker and business friends.

So we get cuts and they get bonuses!

We need to keep on campaigning: organising protests and meetings, lobbying councillors and MPs, and supporting anyone facing eviction.

It’s good that Labour say they will abolish the tax but it’s not enough. We need them to get off their knees and stand up to Cameron and his cronies NOW !

The Birmingham Benefit Justice Campaign has local groups in Druids Heath, Ladywood, and Shard End campaigning on the bedroom tax

Contact us: phone 07969415398 email:

facebook: Birmingham Benefit Justice Campaign



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2 responses to “Bedroom Tax Demo – 5th April – One Year On

  1. Reblogged this on Gogwit's Blog and commented:
    All the more reason to keep campaigning.
    A clear difference in policy between the Coalition and Labour – shame there aren’t a few more. If you’re in the vicinity and free on 5 April please consider joining in.

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