Multiple Bedroom Tax Court Case Victories Could Mean Hundreds Of Thousands Exempted

bbj-bedroom-tax-logo[1]Over the past two weeks, the disastrous bedroom tax has faced multiple court cases, with each case finding that the claimant has had their benefits cut wrongly – and all for a different reason. This policy could now be in the running to beat the Dangerous Dogs act as the worst piece of legislation ever. Sadly it has had a calamitous effect on many peoples’ lives, even leading to the suicide of Stephanie Bottrill – who should never have been threatened by eviction as a result of the benefit cut because she had been claiming continuously since 1996. Hundreds of thousands of those affected by the bedroom tax may now be in line for rebates as a result of the multitude of court cases. Iain Duncan-Smith should be facing the sack for his incompetence.

The court cases:

Anyone claiming housing benefit continuously since 1st January 1996 is exempt from the bedroom tax:
3000 households in the West Midlands are in line for a rebate as a result. If this affects you, there is a form letter here that you can use.

Disabled couples who need separate bedrooms do not have a spare bedroom so should not have had benefits cut

A bedroom must be in use as a bedroom, not just defined as such on the tenancy agreement:
This one means that anyone who has a box room, too small to be used as a bedroom shouldn’t have to pay. It means anyone using a bedroom as storage space for disability aids, or with a room converted into a lift is exempt. It means anyone who uses their other rooms for a study or dining room or any purpose other than as a bedroom should be exempt. This has happened because “bedroom” was never defined in the legislation, and IDS just thought that what was on the tenancy agreement was all that matters. Happily this isn’t the case. The DWP have said they will not be appealing this ruling.

Separated parents with visiting children have the right to keep a room for them:
This is a huge victory, with many people facing a forced move to a one bedroom property that would mean their children couldn’t stay overnight. Now they will not be penalised for seeking to maintain a complete relationship with their children.

These court cases will keep rolling in because despite IDS’ insistent belief that people are lounging it up in massive houses at the expense of the taxpayer, because the reality is that most people are only able to access social housing with the number of bedrooms they need. The only time that housing associations and councils are likely to offer someone a house with more bedrooms than they need is because the housing is not in demand and would be unlet otherwise – leading to houses now being boarded up as a result of people being forced to move – or 2/3 bedroom flats considered unsuitable for families because of being in high rises.

Right from the start of this policy we have been saying how stupid, ill thought out and downright disastrous this policy would be. We thought the disaster would be for the people affected, which it is, but it is also a disaster for Iain Duncan-Smith, whose idiocy and zealotry has once again led to a total policy failure. When workfare was ruled illegal, he enacted retroactive legislation to rewrite history. Whenever Universal Credit is shown to be an impossible failure in implementation, he denies any problem and claims that they are still on time and on track. When Universal Jobmatch wins the worst website in the recruitment industry’s own awards, he just ignores the expensive failure. Now the Bedroom tax is falling down around his ears, which of these tactics will he follow? Perhaps he will simply try to ride it out until the inevitable Tory loss in 2015 and the move back to shadow cabinet where he wouldn’t have to admit he was wrong.



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21 responses to “Multiple Bedroom Tax Court Case Victories Could Mean Hundreds Of Thousands Exempted

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    Paying the bedroom tax? Then read this before you hand over any more money..

  2. Ian Edenden

    not only have to pay bedroom tax ashford council told us today our rents going up another £5.00 a week thats a extra £23.00 a week and are disabled becase of NHS cock up they stink

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  5. IDS will have to face up to his policy in court once we kick the tories out of office…… I for one will be making a complaint to police I hope others will follow me in helping to bring this beast to justice!!!!!

    • Joseph Smith

      Santatiger, I do hope you will proceed with your quest to bring IDS to justice, the mans a liar thief a fraudster, and quite possibly a mass murderer. He must be questioned and charged, especially, for manslaughter. At the very least IDS must be banished from any kind of public office. Good luck.

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  7. jaypot2012

    Reblogged this on Jay's Journal.

  8. Iain Duncan-Smith should be charged with Corporate Manslaughter

    The freedom of Information act should be used to calculate the number of victims of Iain Duncan-Smith and ATOS.

    Iain Duncan-Smith should be put on Trial charged with Corporate Manslaughter, face the consequences, and be banned from Public Office for Life.

  9. Joseph Smith

    I wholly agree that Smith MUST be arrested questioned And assuming the evidence supports, charge the B……D.

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  13. Nick

    He can only be charged for wrongdoing by a judge or once he has left office
    A prosecution can only be brought about by a QC and owing to the massive costs could only be undertaken by a class-action lawsuits, which means the QC will act on behalf of all of the relatives of the deceased in getting justice
    The QC and firm will need to represent many thousands of relatives and owing to volume many firms will be needed for the case works which will take many years to finalize
    he will stand trial no doubt for various failures of office which have led to many people dying as a result of his actions also for those that were mentally ill committing suicide

  14. pauline

    i agree he must be brought to justice for his actions and david cameron aswell they have both murdered,starved, forced people out of their homes, cut there benefits, lied, stole, they have breached their positions must be sacked.,

  15. Daniel Hirst

    yes im looking for the outcome on the courtcase on rights to a family life under bedroom tax and my rights and what i can do as i have a two bed maissonette and my kids come and stay on weekends plz help

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