Spring Hill Library Victory


Councillors at the Ladywood District Committee announced they had dropped plans to close Spring Hill Library due to the strength of opposition shown by the local community.
This is a stunning victory for campaigners who have been collecting names for their petition, organising public meetings, and lobbying councillors over the last two months. The petition against closure of Spring Hill obtained 2500 signatories, most collected next to the checkouts in Tesco.

The District Committee said that savings would be found elsewhere, and this raises the danger of moving other facilities into the Library building and reducing the library services, as well as further cuts to play centres or neighbourhood officers.
We say the District Committee should defy the council cabinet and set a district budget that protects all existing services under their control. this is the least which Ladywood deserves.
All power to the campaigners and the community for achieving the lifting of the closure threat. It shows once again that cuts can be defeated if the determination is there.



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6 responses to “Spring Hill Library Victory

  1. Where next for the library campaign?

    We want to use the meeting to talk about how we develop the Library campaign following the setting of the Council budget for 2014-15.

    Ann Gallagher from the Friends of Spring Hill Library will be speaking about how they have organised their successful campaign to save Spring Hill library.

    Please come and join this discussion whether you are new to the campaign or have been involved in the past. There are opportunities to get involved in the campaign as we make plans for the period ahead.

    The meeting will take place at the Birmingham Branch Offices of UNISON, on the 19th floor of the McLaren Building in Dale End. Please try and arrive by 5.55pm to gain access to the building as the security staff at the entry leave at 6pm.

  2. Reblogged this on Gogwit's Blog and commented:
    A gentle reminder that public servants are just that.
    For those who feel there is no point in protest, be aware that such thinking is self-fulfilling:
    – You say nothing can be done;
    – You do nothing;
    – Nothing is done.
    And the next time, you say nothing can be done…et cetera.
    Here is an example of local people doing something – campaigning – and saying “No, enough!” and tasting victory.

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