News and events from Birmingham Race Impact Group (BRIG)

Birmingham Race Impact Group Environmental SummitFriday 25th November

Join the BRIG Environment Summit to discover the racist roots of climate change. What can you and Birmingham do?


The Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise Sector SummitMonday 5th December

Come and have your say on the race equality change needed in the VCFSE sector.


Birmingham Race Impact GroupHealth and Race SummitWednesday 7th December

The impact of poverty and structural racism is a matter of life and death, as shown by the COVID-19 pandemic. The ongoing health disparities for non-white communities and the poorest neighbourhoods in Birmingham & Solihull must be tackled urgently.


Defining the Race Problem – BRIG Consultation

In developing Birmingham’s 10 Year Race Equality Delivery Plan from the various race summits this year, BRIG are now consulting on its race statement for the plan.We welcome your thoughts and your suggested amendments.Please send them to by 9th December 2022.


Soho House Mural Project Retrospective

The Soho House Mural Project was conceived out of the desire to increase footfall to Soho House and contribute to the tourism economy while at the same time telling an interesting and inclusive story of the city.


We Are Here Because You Were With Us: Remembering A. Sivanandan

He was one of the most important and influential black thinkers in the UK, changing many of the orthodoxies on ‘race’.


November’s book to read this month: The Race to the Top:  Structural Racism and How to Fight It

“Written by the indomitable Nazir Afzal OBE, who was born in my hometown of Birmingham, this compelling book speaks frankly to ethnic minority leaders and those who attempt to put their head above the parapet despite protestations against their very existence.”Read this month’s book review 

Do you want to review a book for next months Bookshelf reviews? Get in touch.


• The Race Report: The Independent – Nadine White. Read More.• Institution of Race Relations. Read More.• Runnymede Trust. Read More.• Black Equity Organisation. Read More.• Operation Black Vote. Read More.• Stuart Hall Foundation. Read More.• Centre on the Dynamics of Ethnicity. Read More.• brap. Read More.


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