BATC is back on Facebook

Towards the end of May the automatic posting of articles from the Birmingham Against The Cuts site on WordPress onto BATC Facebook stopped working. We have now sorted out the problem – from now on posts on BATC WordPress will also appear on BATC Facebook as before.

Here are links to some of the missing Facebook posts from the WordPress site that may be of interest, if you missed them.

The WMCA’s plans – or lack of them – for home retrofit to cut energy use and fuel costs June 9

The WMCA, climate policy and public engagement July 14

“We Came to Live in Birmingham” – a resource pack for teachers in all schools July 24

Where does power lie in Birmingham? The role of the Local Enterprise Partnership August 4

The WMCA, BCC and the local government climate policy process: the case of home retrofit August 24

Without massive Government funding the WMCA’s retrofit plans are doomed to fail – we need a mass campaign of pressure October 18

The City Council needs a vision for school education, with race equality a priority October 21

Ecosocialist Alliance statement: COP27- Still Fiddling While the World Burns November 7

Demand full Government funding now to retrofit homes, making them warmer and ending fuel poverty November 11


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