Report on Handsworth Leisure Centre Public Meeting Saturday 1st June 2013

HAtC 1.6.13Over 60 people gathered in Handsworth Leisure Centre for a discussion about the Centre’s future. Caroline Johnson, a centre user and assistant branch secretary of Birmingham Unison branch, explained why Handsworth Against the Cuts feared the centre was at threat of privatisation over the short or longer term, via the use of Trust status or the ‘right to challenge’ process.

Councillor Mahmood Hussain, Chair of Perry Barr District, replied, assuring the meeting that the centre was not in line for privatisation. A lively discussion followed with a number of people expressing their fears that the Labour council could not be trusted and there was applause for contributors who argued that Labour should refuse to implement the Tory cuts. The three local councillors were thanked for attending and being prepared to answer our questions, but the news that £0.5 million would be removed from the District budget increased audience fears.

Local users highlighted the need for investment and improvements to the Centre. Steve Salt, the service integration head for the district, said that the centre would be one of those which would be re-designated a Wellbeing Centre with funding for new investment coming from the public health budget. Contributors welcomed the promise that the centre will stay in council hands, but were concerned that the idea of a Trust has not gone away, raising threats for the future. A proposal was made that Centre users and workers should be involved in plans for change, and concern was expressed about the future of our valued Play Centre as well as smaller local facilities.

Handsworth Against the Cuts will continue to campaign on this issue. This week’s announcement by the City Council that some of the city’s sports and leisure centres may be under threat shows that our campaign is vital and we will have to keep the pressure up.



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3 responses to “Report on Handsworth Leisure Centre Public Meeting Saturday 1st June 2013

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    A good turnout for a local issue these days. Perhaps the electorate of Handsworth value their public services. Closing leisure centres while there are epidemic levels of obesity is madness- surely?

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