Autumn Budget Statement Demonstration – 5th December

George Osborne’s autumn budget statement will set out huge cuts for the next financial year, with an extra £10bn-£16bn to be lopped off the welfare budget expected to be the big headline. Austerity is failing but as the deficit begins to rise the government’s only answer is more cuts. We need alternative economic policies to solve this problem.

George Osborne’s policies are a disaster

  • 1 million public sector workers have lost their jobs
  • With 3 years of pay freeze many workers are 15% worse off.
  • The number of full time jobs continues to decline.
  • Unemployment in Birmingham is 10% and youth unemployment 19%.
  • After two dips of recession a third looks likely
  • Economic production is less than in 2007
  • The NHS faces massive cuts and is being rapidly privatised
  • The deficit has reduced slower than in Labours pre-election plan
  • The poor are suffering the brunt of cuts in benefits. This will get worse with the introduction of Universal Credit next year.

What is needed is a policy for growth

The Labour Party and our Labour Council should firmly reject austerity and adopt the programme for growth. Our councillors should stand up to Osborne and not do his dirty work by dismantling our services.

Autumn Budget Statement Demonstration.
Wednesday 5th December,
Assemble from 5pm, High Street, near Waterstones.

Please join the Facebook event and invite your friends

Accessibility information: Event will be held outside. Accessible toilets are available within 100 metres of the demonstration location, in the Pavilions or Bull Ring Shopping centre.
The nearest train stations are New Street and Moor Street stations, both of which have level access and are within 300 metres walking distance. Snow Hill Train station is around half a mile, and has level access.
The nearest bus stops are those along Moor Street Queensway.

We invite all groups, unions, political parties and individuals who oppose austerity to join us in standing up against austerity. Bring flags, banners and placards!

Our next meeting on Monday 24th November will finalise plans for this demonstration. Everyone welcome. 6pm, Unison Offices, 19th Floor McClaren Tower, Priory Queensway, Birmingham, B4 7SL.

No more cuts. No privatisation of leisure, libraries, culture or youth services.



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