Latest ConDem Dirty Trick for N30

The latest trick to attack the pension strike has been pulled by Birmingham City Council who yesterday told the TUC they would charge £10,000 for the march through Birmingham City Centre.
The march for the Lib Dem conference just 6 weeks ago cost a few hundred pounds.

We cannot let them stop us from marching, it is our democratic right to do so, and this sneaky ploy should be seen for what it is – fear. Fear of the public sector rising up against this government, fear of the amount of support the strike has got from the general public, fear that the movement against austerity only grows stronger and stronger.

They do not want to see tens of thousands marching through our streets against this government. We have to make sure that is what they see now. Spread the word – the march is still on, 11:30, Lionel Street Car Park.

The unions have also said they will march in defiance of the council’s demands.

And we now have a new chant for tomorrow:

10K? No Way! We will march, We won’t Pay!



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3 responses to “Latest ConDem Dirty Trick for N30

  1. Pete

    Outrageous -10k to exercise a right to peaceful and lawful protest. This should not be paid. Birmingham City Council used to be a fantastic council who would do the utmost for everyone – immigrant families, people with disabilities, the unemployed, and anyone who had any kind of disadvantage, as well as be a fab employer in Social Services and Education.

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