Budget Day Protest Video: Austerity Isn’t Working

Last Wednesday, workers, students and claimants formed a mock dole queue outside the Council House in Birmingham in protest at this governments austerity policies that are failing this country. Watch the video of the protest:

The protest was called by PCS Midlands, and supported by Birmingham Against the Cuts, Unison and Right To Work.

You can see more photos from the event, taken by Geoff, at his Flickr Page here.

Spread the video, get the message out – Austerity Isn’t Working, Britain’s Better Off With The Alternatives.
You can find out more about the alternatives to the cuts and austerity at these places:
False Economy – Cuts are Not The Cure
Birmingham Against The Cuts – Alternatives
PCS – Alternative To The Cuts

And get involved with anti-cuts and anti-austerity actions.
If you’re in or around Birmingham, look at our Upcoming Events page or see if there is a local group near you.
If you are outside Birmingham, look for a local campaign group near you on the False Economy website, or with a national group like UK Uncut or Right to Work.

Together we can defeat this government.

The video was produced by Tom with photos and filming by Geoff Dexter-Sherbourne Publications. Music is “No Banker Left Behind” by Ry Cooder.


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    This event, as featured previously in Gogwit’s Blog, is excellently evidenced in Geoff Dexter’s photos and this footage.

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