Michael Gove Visiting Birmingham Today (Friday) – Protest 1pm

Michael Gove, education secretary, is visiting Ninestiles Academy today (friday 27th).  There will be a protest from 1pm

Ninestiles Academy, Hartfield Crescent, Birmingham, B27 7FQ

Michael Gove is responsible for the accelaration of the academy process, which undermines the collective purchasing power of schools, atomises the education system, makes it harder for trade unions as there will be thousands of employers (each school) rather than just one and makes it easier to bring in private education companies in the future (there is no outward suggestion of such a policy, but we only need look at the NHS to know that the Tory party would do it if they felt they could).

He is also responsible for Free Schools, which can be run by individuals and private companies, outside of the national curriculum or oversight by local authorities, and which can be run for profit.

He has sent bibles to schools with a foreword written by himself, and called for £60m to be spent on a yacht for the Queen for the Jubilee celebrations next year, whilst cutting schools budgets by slashing the School Sports Programme, music programmes and allowing Connexions careers advisers to be removed from schools without acquiring additional funding for the schools.  These are just examples of the numerous cuts that have been made to schools budgets over the past year, without affecting the central funds, allowing the ConDem coalition to claim they are not cutting education budgets.

Come and join us tomorrow and let Gove know that he is not welcome in Birmingham



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2 responses to “Michael Gove Visiting Birmingham Today (Friday) – Protest 1pm

  1. Peter Davis

    Again the organiser have got it wrong again try using the correct post code to start with and then find out from your insiders when the MP was in attendance. The MP had left even before the first protesting had started. As to the unions, if you convert your subscription from your union and paid it into your pension it would equate to non reduction in final pension amount, and not lining the pockets of your union fat cats.

  2. Mark Taylor

    Can’t argue that the organization was a touch off-target on this one, but two quick replies to PD above:

    1) Why ‘again’…not aware of a big history of ‘Birmingham Against the Cuts’ getting it wrong. Anyway, Gove left early because he got wind of the protest – a last minute, hurried decision.

    2) My union subs equate to a non-reduction in final salary….just done the sums……not even close, I can assure you…total nonsense!

    3) Union leaders have good salaries, but they have positions of serious responsibility for many, many people. Looking at ‘like-for-like’ (rather than the pointless and often quoted average)… they, like many other public sector workers could earn significantly more in the same positions in the private sector.

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