Final push for the Lib Dem conference demonstration

Last years Tory conference march

On Sunday, we expect 10,000-30,000 people to turn out to call for the alternative to this governments ruinous economic policies and austerity agenda, at the TUC backed Birmingham for the Alternative March. With such bad economic news coming out this week, there is even more reason to put your feet on the streets on Sunday. Locally, the cuts are starting to bite, with nursery closures and the council workers back on strike on the 21st being the most visible – but we are also hearing of cuts to the parks service being implemented, as well of course as the closure of Connexions and other youth services.
We need to be big and loud on Sunday, saying NO to cuts, NO to austerity, NO to the privatisation of the NHS and education system; YES to policies for growth, jobs and justice. Join us. 11am, Granville Street, march through the city centre to a TUC rally at Lionel Street, with a Right to Work rally following that at the CWU building.
A shorter route for disabled people, and anyone else unable to walk the full route has been arranged by DPAC

We have been building this march, along with Right To Work and a host of local anti-cuts groups around the West Midlands for the past few months, and now is the final moment to make sure as many people as possible come along.
We will be leafleting tomorrow at the Chainmakers Festival, and Kings Heath and Moseley Against the Cuts are running a stall from 12-2 outside Asda in Kings Heath.
If you’re reading this on Friday Morning, there’s still time to get down to our leafleting session from 4:30pm – 6pm, meeting at the Palisades Ramp in the city centre.

If you’re on Facebook, invite your friends to this event, or link them up on Twitter.. or perhaps give people a call or pop round to see them.

For those of you who are on Twitter, we’re going to use the hashtag #BrumDemo on Sunday – try to avoid using it before Sunday to give it the best chance of trending on the day. You can also use the tag #Sept18, and my guess for the conference tag is #LibDem11, though no-one seems to be using it yet – if you spot the tag being used, let us know.

Anyone out on Sunday taking photos, I will want to compile at least one “Lib Dem Conference Demo in pictures” post, like I’ve done for demonstrations in the past. Please send photos, or links to flickr/photobucket etc, to Let me know if you want a credit/copyright watermarked on your photos and/or where you’d like it linked to.

See you on Sunday!


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