Why Should I Support the 30th November Strike?

Whatever you do, you should be supporting the strike on 30th November.

I work in the public sector – should I vote yes to the strike?

We argue that you should vote yes to the strike – the government are asking you to pay more and work longer for a lower pension. You can read more on the TUC’s Pension Justice website, or by looking at your own unions website.
Find out how much you will lose if the reforms happen with this pensions calculator

I work in the private sector – why should I support the strike?

Private Sector workers have terrible pensions. This is not a reason to make public sector pensions worse. We should be standing together and arguing to fair pensions for all.
Public Sector pensions schemes have been audited recently and are sustainable. Many produce a surplus each year, and are not subsidised by the treasury to make up shortfalls.
These pension schemes do not need reform, and if public sector pensions get worse, this will only reduce the pressure on the private sector to provide better pensions.

I’m a student – why should I support the strike?

This government is carrying out a savage attack on education – cutting school budgets and programs, scrapping EMA, tripling tuition fees and moving towards privatisation of primary, secondary and higher education, through free schools, academies and the higher education white paper.
Reducing the benefits that teachers and lecturers receive is part of this attack.
Any disruption to your education from a one day strike will be dwarfed by the disruption that is going to happen if students, teachers and parents do not stand together to defend our education system.

I’m not in work – why should I support the strike?

There are many different reasons why people are not in work, whether you are a pensioner, have a disability, stay at home looking after your children or a relative, are unable to find work or for other reasons, you should support this strike.
Although these strikes are on the issue of pensions, they need to be seen as part of the wider struggle against this government and the austerity agenda.
It is this agenda that is causing our economy to stagnate, whilst inflation pushes prices ever higher. Austerity is failing to tackle the deficit, but is hitting us through cuts to benefits and services.
By standing together we can support each other in our particular struggles, and defeat this government.

One response to “Why Should I Support the 30th November Strike?

  1. Pension Manager

    So who is going to give private sector companies the money to provide public sector-style pensions. I am sure the unions have audited the books of private companies to ensure this can happen or do they expect private companies to make redundancies to pay for this. Our Company is too busy paying for final salaries of the past at £8m per year at the expense of the current employees on pay freezes and taking redundancy and the profits are only £12m with the £4m going into computer reinvestment for a sustainable future. No greedy bosses here just a company trying to last into the future.

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