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Upcoming actions and meetings in Birmingham. We strive to make our events accessible for all. Please see our accessibility statement for more informationWe hold open planning meetings at 6pm on the 2nd Monday of each month. Occasional additional meetings may be called as necessary.Unison Offices, 19th Floor McClaren Tower, Priory Queensway, B4 7LR. Everyone Welcome to attend. Offices have level access and accessible toilets and an induction hearing loop in the meeting room, children welcome though we cannot provide a creche service.

If this page is not up to date, please have a look through posts about events to see forthcoming actions.


9 responses to “Upcoming Events

  1. Mary Pearson

    Thur 6th Jan 7.30pm Birmingham Trades Union Council Meeting
    Council House Victoria Square B1 1BB (Visitors Welcome)
    Motion: “BTUC welcomes the formation of “Birmingham Against the Cuts”.
    It agreed to support its campaign work in opposing Birmingham City Council cuts, welfare and pensions cuts and cuts in jobs and services” This motion was not carried at the Dec meeting as it was inquorate because of weather conditions
    There will also be reports on current campaigns and workplace report
    Guest Speaker – Latin American Trade Unionist.
    BTUC meets every 1st Thur of Month except May (2nd Thu) & Aug (No meeting)
    Make sure your Trade Union Branch is affiliated
    Contact BTUC 54 – 57 Allison Street Digbeth Birmingham B5 5TH Tel: 0121-643-8668 Fax: 0121 643 3122
    Email: Dave Dutton Secretary at cddutton@hotmail.com

  2. Musurut Dar

    People Wake Up!

    Wake up! Rise up!
    Are you not inspired?

    From Bahrain to Tunisia,
    Kuwait and Algeria,
    Yemen and Libya,
    There is a thirst and a hunger!

    People are rising up for their democratic rights,
    the right to vote, the right to protest,
    to decide their futures,
    for work and bread!

    Those fundamental rights that we in the west have
    and can use to protest,
    But we sit in our homes and let the Government make cuts!
    And we watch our libraries, parks, day-centres and community groups being shut,
    and the loss of thousands of jobs whilst the bankers get rich!

    The Con-Dem Government tells us we must forfeit and pay,
    for the mistakes of consecutive governments made day after day!

    And whilst they claw back pennies from benefits and services to the poor,
    Privatise our universities and stop EMA to our kids,
    they’re robbing and stealing from the futures of our youth,
    and using the recession as their damn excuse!

    They turn a blind eye to the billions owed by the rich,
    the profits of Barclays, Lloyds Vodaphone and HSBC,
    enjoying bonuses, tax-breaks, cocktails and fancy cars,
    And they think a royal wedding will help heal our scars!

    I will not sit back and let them attack,
    our communities, our jobs, our benefits, and our children’s futures,
    I will use my democratic rights to protest,
    Those rights that my ancestors in this country fought to protect!

    Inspired by Africa and the Middle East,
    I believe as a people united – we can succeed!

    Musurut Dar
    March 2011.


    Saturday 5th March – Women Against the Cuts – 1pm-3pm. Below Victoria Square. Birmingham City Centre. Men Welcome

    Saturday 26th March – TUC National Demonstration Against the Cuts – London – 11am-4pm.

  3. Mary Pearson

    October Meeting of Birmingham Trades Union Council
    7.30pm Thursday 6th October 2011
    Rooms 3 & 4 The Council House, Victoria Sqr, Birmingham B1 1BB
    The meeting will start with a tribute to our friend and comrade Tina Mackay by Cathy Gaffney. Tina was tragically killed in a road traffic accident in London.
    Unite’s tribute to Tina is at http://unitetheunion.org/regions/london_and_eastern/london_and_eastern_regional_ne/in_memory_of_tina_mackay_unit.aspx
    Guest Speaker
    Joe Morgan GMB Regional Secretary
    “Cuts in Public Services and the recent Riots”.

    The GMB union is the third largest trades union with over 600,000 members in both private industry and public services. It has been regarded as one of the staunchest supporters of the Labour Party, but is committed to balloting its public sector membership for strike action on November 30th over cuts to pension provision.
    Other Items for Discussion
    •Important Workplace reports
    Council workers
    NUT pensions
    Jaguar cars.
    • Anti Cuts Action
    • Proposed Delegation of German Trade Unionists in May
    BTUC meets every 1st Thur of Month except May (2nd Thu) & Aug (No meeting) Make sure your Trade Union Branch is affiliated
    Contact BTUC 54 – 57 Allison Street Digbeth Birmingham B5 5TH Tel: 0121-643-8668 Fax: 0121 643 3122
    Email: Dave Dutton Secretary at cddutton@hotmail.com

  4. steve

    Saturday 30th June is the LAST TIME that the Central Library Music Department opens on a Saturday!
    I remember how – being an actual user of the Central Library, and informing the Trade Union Council as well as BAtC about the impending reduction in hours of December last year, BAtC were actually HAVING A MEETING at 6pm that day (first time Central Library shut at 6 instead of 8pm)
    and of course no.one was interested in the idea of having the meeting (BAtC) actually IN THE LIBRARY
    (tho Godfrey of BTUC didn’t even BELIEVE me that the cut was impending!)

    So here is another opportunity to actually do some active campaigning/resistance to the frontline cuts that are going on before our eyes! I shan’t be holding my breath tho

  5. steve

    “now it is clear that austerity is failing,” – what rubbish!
    pay-cuts, benefit cuts and suspensions, dismantling of pensions and highering of pension age, attacks on almost every single working class person……
    profits at all-time high,
    minimal response from organised workers’movement,and little sign of independent organisation of working class….. =
    austerity is a SUCCESS

  6. Mike Harrison

    UK Uncut has also called for action against Starbucks on 8 December:

  7. Marie

    My husband is one of those agency workers …picking up minimum wage to work on street cleansing, he has done it for 3 years now, of course they wont hire him, when they need to make cuts. He has taken pay cut after pay cut just to keep a job, he has lost his over time, and now is expected to work week ends, but everyday he gets up and goes to work becuase we have a family. It is frightening. We hoped one day he would get a real job there, but clearly this is not going to happen. Instead he is going to be let go, they cannot make council workers redundent when agency workers exist. All this time, all his hard work, and thrown on the scrap heap. They didnt need to pay agencies, they could have paid him the minimum wage to work without paying the damn agencies. We got nothing from it. It just cost the council more and the only winners were the agency companies.
    Let me point out, everyday my husband has driven the wagon for 3 years, on 1/3 the wage of those he drives around, he works side by side with them, for 1/3 their wage, and never moaned…he had no rights, we have no rights, and we will be first out of a job.

  8. chaz adam

    forerunners to the world no longer: Goverment departments no longer care about its citizens. they may not be corrupt when taking up office making promises with no intent to keep them
    all bosses and the goverment only line their pockets;bank accounts family cofhers.they blame everyone for their short falls corruption will never be replaced.money begets money.
    so if citizens have none NO advancements will be made.
    bankers legally rob account holders reward themselves goverment say thats okay a man robs local corner shop to feed his family goverment sends him to jail 12 months disable persons get off benefits you are a burden to our way of living. goverment spend £300 plus per day on family holidays. person encouraged to buy their own holmes now charged bedroom tax because their house is to big.
    how many vacant bedrooms as the queen got . empoyment figures lie in the south 1000 new workers in the midlands twelve factories sold off 1000 workers layed off. companies are sold because owners can make more money selling then paying wages. tobbacco growers noprofit in product workers nolonger required to make cigaretts new taxes must be found to replace goverment short falls no sex tax yes there is condoms are taxed

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