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Jarrow March recreation meeting report

Last night at the Briar Rose, there was a public meeting in support of the Youth Fight for Jobs Jarrow March recreation.
Currently young people are marching from Jarrow near Newcastle, to London in protest at the lack of work for young people. Youth unemployment rose to almost 1 million people over the last month.

The marchers are passing through Coventry, and one of them, Ollie, travelled to Birmingham to talk about the march.
He told us how much support he had had from people where the march was passing, and that the media was not reflecting the facts on the ground, that most people are supportive of this march.
Ollie spoke widely about the issues facing young people today, not just unemployment but the implementation of workfare and work programmes, housing issues and the scrapping of EMA and raising of tuition fees that are creating a two-tier education system.

The government is systematically destroying the future of this generation of young people

He also explicitly linked the struggle of young people to other people, mentioning the public sector pension strikes and the problems that disabled people are facing with cuts in benefits and ATOS assessment programmes, and how all these struggles are linked.

The demands for Youth Fight for Jobs .. are that the government should really be investing in the future for young people, rather than destroying their future .. firstly there should be a lot more jobs created that are socially useful .. we are facing huge environmental catastrophes and there should be lots of jobs created in environmental area .. I have mentioned there is a lack of housing for people and this is also an opportunity

He also talked about reinstatement of EMA, creation of social housing, apprenticeships and other things as part of the demands. He said that the march is a tactic, not an end in itself.

There will be a regional demonstration in Coventry on Saturday to support the marchers, people from Birmingham are meeting at New Street train station at 11am to travel there.

After Ollie, Sian Ruddick from PCS spoke. She talked about how her father remembered the original march, and how there was 50th anniversary march that she joined. Talking about unemployment in Birmingham she told us:

Birmingham has 5 out of the 10 most deprived areas in the Country. Ladywood consituency, in which is where I work which is Handsworth has the highest unemployment in the country and obviously a large proportion of those are Youth. We do have people who are committed to trying to find young people jobs.

Sian told us of young people with degrees who are in job centres looking for packing work, and the issues of a lack of good apprenticeships means that a traditional route into a good job is gone.
Like Ollie she talked about the wider issues facing young people, not just the lack of jobs but cuts to youth services, the scrapping of EMA and raising of tuition fees.

At each leg of the journey, the marchers have been joined by local people who are not able to complete the whole march but do a short part of it.
The marchers will reach London on November 5th where there is a national demonstration. A coach is going from Birmingham, at the cost of £3 unwaged or £6 waged. If you wish to join them to demonstrate against unemployment, please email us and we’ll put you in touch with the organisers – BirminghamAgainstTheCuts@Gmail.com

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No cuts, no to unemployment! Birmingham Jarrow March public meeting

Support the Jarrow March For Jobs as it visits Birmingham

75 years ago, unemployed men marched from the north east to London to protest against the lack of jobs. Today, with official unemployment close to 3 million, young people are being forced to do the same.

1000 gather in Yorkshire in support of the Jarrow Recreation Marchers

Youth unemployment recently topped 1 million, the highest level since the Tories were last in power, making the importance of the Jarrow March recreation even greater.
Over the course of October the Youth Fight For Jobs campaign is staging a recreation of the march, demanding that instead of cutting public services, the government and local councils should instead embark on a programme of massive job creation.

Wednesday 19th: public meeting in Birmingham, 7:30pm, the Briar Rose Hotel, Bennetts Hill (off New Street), with Jarrow marchers and local trade unionists. Please let your friends on facebook know about this meeting by attending the Facebook event, inviting people to it and sharing it on your wall.

Also, on Saturday 22nd: regional protest as the march visits Coventry. Birmingham activists will be meeting to catch the train at New Street at 11am, in time to reach the demo at 12 by Coventry Cathedral.

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Jarrow March for Jobs 2011

Jarrow Crusade march for jobs 75 years ago

75 Years ago, Jarrow workers were forced to march for jobs. Today unemployment is soaring and we face an onslaught on jobs and services. We’re marching again from Jarrow to London in 2011

Youth Fight for Jobs are organising the march, more information can be found on the website dedicated to the march.

The route will pass through Nuneaton and Coventry, and a regional demonstration is planned in Coventry on October 22nd. We hope that many people from Birmingham will travel over on that day to support the marchers, who will have been on the road for 3 weeks by that point. Their eventual destination is London for a national demonstration on Saturday November 5th – by which time they will have been on the road for over a month.

If you would be interested in going to Coventry on the 22nd and/or London on the 5th to support their demonstration, please let us know – either by commenting here or emailing BirminghamAgainstTheCuts@Gmail.com.  If there is enough demand, then we will organise coaches.

Update: We will be taking the 11:03 Cross Country Train from Birmingham New Street to Coventry. An open return is currently £4.60. It would be great to occupy a carraige on our way over there!

The event is supported by Unite, CWU, UCU, RMT, PCS, Becut, FBU and Tssa unions.

Update: there will be a public meeting in Birmingham on Wednesday 19th October, from 7pm at Briar Rose hotel/pub on Bennets Hill. Full details are to be confirmed, see our Upcoming Events page for most up to date details / link to post with full details when they are confirmed.

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