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Boycott Workfare Meeting March 29th

We were planning to wait until we had confirmed speakers, but with the storm that has blown up around the Tesco permanent nightshift workfare position advertised, we thought it best to make the event announcement now.

Thursday 29th March

Unite the Union
Transport House
211 Broad Street
B15 1AY

Boycott Workfare public meeting, in association with Birmingham Trades Council, Birmingham Against the Cuts,IWW West Midlands, Right to Work, Occupy Birmingham, DPAC and Youth Fight for Jobs
Speakers invited from Boycott Workfare, Public Interest Lawyers and USDAW.

With particular thanks to Unite and the lovely people who work there, who have accomdated us, after we decided that the room at the council house would be too small (it was booked before this became a national news story), and other rooms were not available. Carrs Lane was also considered before someone pointed out that the upstairs rooms are not wheelchair accessible.

The Unite building is fully wheelchair accessible, with a lift up to the first floor where the meeting room is, and accessible toilets. Full accessibility information to follow.

The main part of this meeting will be for people to talk about their own thoughts and experiences of workfare, and to discuss taking action to encourage more companies to pull out of the scheme so that it collapses.
Over the last 10 days, Waterstones, Sainsbury’s Co-op, TK Maxx and HMV have all said they will no longer (or have never) used workfare labour. Poundland are reported to be reviewing their involvement in the scheme.
Together we can act to put pressure on the remaining companies to withdraw, and ensure that everyone who works gets paid a proper wage for the job, and that benefit claimants do not get used to undermine paid roles or cover for government cuts.

You can read about why we are supporting Boycott Workfare here, and there is a local meeting in Kings Heath on March 7th.
Additionally, there is a national day of action on Saturday 3rd of March, and we expect to take part in an action on that day, decision will be made tomorrow, so more news next week.



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