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Local Areas Organising To Resist The Bedroom Tax

bbj-bedroom-tax-logo[1]There will be a number of meetings in the next couple of weeks in local areas around Birmingham that are heavily affected by the Bedroom Tax, as local residents start to organise themselves to resist the charge and any evictions that may come from it.
Meetings will take place in Ladywood, Stockland Green and Highgate:

Wednesday 15th May
Ladywood Community Centre, Vincent St West

Stockland Green
Wednesday 22nd May
St Barnabas Church Centre, Erdington High Street
Speakers: Dave Nellist and a Communities Against The Cuts campaigner

Thursday 23rd May
Stanhope Community Centre , Emily Street Highgate

There will also be a lobby of Albert Bore’s surgery at the council house on Friday 17th May from 6:30pm and a protest outside. See here for more information.

Flyer for Stockland Green meeting



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Stockland Green Against The Cuts Demo Report

On Saturday 19th May, people from the local group Stockland Green Against the Cuts gathered on Erdington high street with Youth Fight For Jobs to demonstrate about the lack of jobs and support of education and training for young people.

Around 15 people, aged from 7 to 70, met at 11am and marched down the high street, past workfare exploiters like the British Heart Foundation and Greggs, and down the dual carriageway past the job centre and Jack Dromey MP’s office, handing out leaflets and talking to passers-by.

The demonstration was largely met with support, shoppers on the high street stopping to share their stories of unemployment, economic hardship and ideas about what should be done. A few disagreed, still hanging on to the idea that austerity can work, despite the mounting evidence against it.

After the march there were some speeches, talking about how workfare undermines paid jobs, increases employment and fails to help people find work; about the difficulty for young people to find jobs in the midst of the worst economic times for over 100 years; about the closure of education and training opportunities with the scrapping of EMA, increased university tuition fees and the downsizing of Connexions; about the difficulties disabled people are facing with cuts to DLA, the closure of Remploy, the handling of work capability assessments by ATOS and attacks on the NHS; about the general economic situation and what the alternatives to austerity are.

A good demo, and great to see one of our local groups active on their high street, taking the argument to the suburbs, to people’s neighbourhoods and communities, rather than staying in the city centre.


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Stockland Green Against The Cuts & Youth Fight For Jobs Demo – Erdington, Sat 19th May

Local group Stockland Green Against the Cuts, supported by Youth Fight For Jobs are organising a Youth Jobs March on Saturday 19th May, assembling 11am outside the Co-op on Erdington High Street.

No education, no jobs, no homes, no services. This is the bleak future that young people face. We are expected to pay for a crisis caused by the rotten system we live under.

There are currently 1 million 18-14 year olds out of work. This joblessness is a result of the ConDem austerity yet the government tries to punish the unemployed by forcing them to work for their dole. This gives their big business mates the opportunity to get some work done on the cheap.

The cap on tuition fees has been raised to £9,000 a year, pricing many working class people out of universities. And in one of the stingiest attacks, EMA has been scrapped. Education is becoming the preserve of the rich.

Extortionate housing costs and cuts to housing benefit mean that areas such as London will see social cleansing as only the super rich will be able to afford to live there. In Birmingham, 34,500 housing benefit claimants – many of whom are in work – will be chasing 23,000 low cost houses, and it is unknown how many of those are available to people on benefits, as the “No DSS” clause seems to be getting more and more common.

Youth services are being cut to the bone. The riots last year were fuelled by cuts to youth services. If the government carries on its present course then we could see the inner cities set ablaze again.

They say there is no money, but they found the money to bail out their cronies the bankers, and the rich owe £120 billion in unpaid taxes!

Fight for a future

Now is the time for young people to fight back! We need to stop the ConDemolition wrecking ball that is smashing our hopes and futures.

Join us in Erdington on Saturday 19th May


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Stockland Green Against the Cuts Public Meeting

Wednesday 7th Septmber, 7pm-9pm
Stockland Green Methodist Church, Slade Road, Erdington
Only unity of all communities working together can ensure success in fighting for jobs and against the cuts, so please make sure you are there with neighbours, friends and relatives to decide what we will compaign on.

Note The ConDem government asked the EU to check its austerity budget proposals before it went to Parliament. The Labour Party did not complain about this EU control over Britain’s spending and loss of democracy.

All three Stockland Green Councillors (two Labour, one Tory) will be invited to come and listen to our concerns.

Since Stockland Green Against the Cuts (SGAC) was formed in December 2010 we have done a lot of work opposing privatisation of the NHS, both publicly and by door to door and held several meetings at the Baptist church in George Road.
However, much more needs to be done. There are 900,000 young unemployed with no hope of a real job and yet skilled manufacturing jobs are being shipped abroad. For example, 1,400 jobs at Bombardier (Derby) plus thousands of associated jobs have been given to Siemens, Germany (Thameslink contract) by the government although Britain’s future depends on manufacturing to create welath – note, the contract can still be stopped.

The Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) is being phased out and university fees will be around £9000. How many Stockland Green students can afford that and where are the apprenticeships? Are the cuts and lack of jobs causes of the recent riots?

Many people are being forced to pay more and work longer for a reduced private pension and state pension increases will be smaller in 2012 by linking them to CPI instead of RPI. This year the winter fuel allowance is reduced to £250 from £300 for pensioners under 80 and for those over 80 the cut is from £400 to £300 but fuel prices have been allowed to rise again by about 18% this autumn when oil prices have gone down.

The only remedy is for the people themselves to act and demand their say. Come along to the meeting on the 7th and have your say on what we should campaign on.

Please contact Ron Dorman on 0121 373 6846 for more information.

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Stockland Green Against The Cuts

Another local group has formed to fight cuts happening in their area.  Stockland Green joins other local groups around the city to organise in their community.

On Wednesday 15th June, they will hold a public meeting, at the Baptist Church, George Road, near Marsh Hill, Erdington.

The meeting begins at 7pm, and is being jointly held with the NUT.

Doug Morgan Speaking at the Mayday Rally

Doug Morgan from Birmingham NUT will talk about schools and the pensions changes and strike.  All teachers and residents welcomed to participate in the discussion following the address by Doug.The Con-Dems attacks on ordinary people’s living standards are meeting increasing resistance from organisations like ours, and, importantly, trade unions.

On 30th June teachers, job centre workser, civil servants, lecturers and benefits advisors in the NUT, ATL, UCU and PCS unions are set to defend pensions and public services.

Both issues should be important to us all.

Firstly, pensions. Already pensions are being cut as the Government lowers the inflation increases by moving from the Retail Price Index (RPI) to the Consumer Price Index (CPI).  Worsening public sector pensions will make it easier to cut private sector workers pensions.  Therfore we call on everyone to support the teacher’s strike to defend their own pensions – their fight is ours.

Secondly, public services.  We see the Tories wanting to cut and privatise all of the services that we hold dear. In education, the axing of the schools replacement proramme means many working class children will continue to learn in conditions not fit for the job.  The attempt to privatise our schools through Academies and free schools will also remove education from local authority and democratic control. On top of this the removal of EMA, cutting courses and increasing tuition fees will price many children out of college and university.

500,000 people protested against cut sin London in March. Now the unions are organising against the Con Dem plans.  SGAC supports the actions and will be holding this meeting on 15th June at 7pm, at the Baptist Chruch, George Road, Erdington.  Please go along and be part of fighting back against Con Dem plans.

For details contact Ron Dorman on 0121 373 6846


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