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All In This Together? The Impact of UK Austerity Measures on Gender Equality and Citizenship

The Gender and Feminist Theory Research Group at the University of Birmingham are holding a half day Symposium on the Impact of UK Austerity Measures on Gender Equality and Citizenship on the 27th April 2012, 1pm-5.30pm at The European Research Institute, University of Birmingham

UPDATE: This event is now fully booked. A post-conference report will be produced, which the group will make available online for people to see, and we will post it here or link to it once it is done.

The UK Coalition Government’s current austerity programme is presented as a necessary and ‘fair’ response to a crisis in which the British people are ‘all in it together.’ Is it? Or are there winners and losers? Will the consequence be a ‘roll back’ of many of the substantive gains in gender equality in the UK since 1945? This symposium brings together academics, policymakers, third sector organizations and advocates to interrogate the gendered impacts of austerity measures.

Themes include: the political economy of cuts; the impacts on gender equality; the role of the state in promoting equality and inclusion; citizenship; welfare, poverty and social exclusion.

Speakers include:
Baroness Ruth Lister (Compass; Fair Pay Network; Smith Institute)
Anna Bird (Fawcett Society)
Scarlett Harris (Womens Equality Officer, TUC)
Susan Himmelweit (Open University; Women’s Budget Group)
Professor Sylvia Walby (UNESCO Chair, Gender Research Group)

A flyer regarding the event can be viewed or downloaded here.

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