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Communities Against The Cuts, March/Rally and Social on 27th April

Communities Against The Cuts, who are standing candidates in the Kings Norton and Bournville wards for the council elections on May 3rd, are holding a rally and march, followed by a social event on Friday 27th April.

The rally, demonstrating against cuts in the wards concerned and to raise the profile of their candidates, meets at 5:30pm outside Kings Norton Leisure Centre, where speakers will talk about the effect of cuts on local services, before proceeding along the Pershore Road to the Cotteridge Neighbourhood Office, where Stirchley and Cotteridge Against The Cuts began their campaign, and then to the Stirchley Community School to hear about the privatisation of our education services.
The march will finish opposite Stirchley Library, at the group’s campaign offices.

After the rally, they will go across the road to the British Oak for a social event with music and comedy from No More Numbers, The Inebriati and Barbara Nice.
The social event begins at 7:30pm and you are welcome to come to that whether you can make the rally or not. Entrance to the event is £5 / £3 concessions.

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New Poster Available Now – Austerity Isn’t Working

We’ve got a new poster available
If you come to one of our planning meetings, then you can pick up copies there – if you can’t come, please email BirminghamAgainstTheCuts@Gmail.com and we’ll look to arrange delivery to you via someone in your area who can collect from us.

We’ve argued that austerity cannot solve our economic problems – and the GDP figures for the first quarter of 2012 confirmed that we are back in recession – a double-dip recession because we never grew back to where we were before 2008.

Put the poster up in your window or workplace and help spread the message – austerity isn’t working, Britain is better off with the alternatives.


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Pledge Letter Sent To All Council Election Candidates

We’ve written to candidates standing for the local council elections, asking them to make 5 pledges. We will post on this website in the last week of April the responses that we’ve had, to help you to make a decision about how to vote.
This is the letter we’ve sent:

Please support 5 election pledges from Birmingham Against the Cuts in the May 2012 elections

Dear prospective councillor for Birmingham City Council,

We are writing on behalf of Birmingham Against the Cuts (BATC). We are an umbrella anti-cuts campaign group formed by Birmingham Trades Union Council. There are now local anti-cuts groups in all major local areas in Birmingham. BATC is supported by all of the major trade union branches in the city and work closely with Disabled People Against the Cuts and a range of social movements, community groups and organisations.

BATC are not affiliated to any political party however as the Birmingham City Council election approaches the question over political representation on the issues our members and supporters are concerned about becomes ever pressing.

In our most recent organising meeting it was decided that we should write to all prospective councillors from all political parties (with the exception of fascist and far right organisations) standing in the 2012 election to ask their position on 5 key areas we are campaigning over currently. We are therefore doing so, inviting you to pledge your support for the following issues:

  • To support the campaign to oppose the privatisation of our leisure services (as advertised in the European Journal), and to work to ensure that no other public services are privatised, outsourced, or mutualised.
  • To support the campaign to oppose any reduction in local library services (including opening hours)
  • To support the campaign to oppose any closures in our Children Homes, Nurseries and Sure Start centres
  • To support the campaign to oppose the reduction in Connexions and Youth Services by working to re-open offices for young people in the areas of highest unemployment and arguing to reinstate pre 2008 funding levels as youth unemployment reaches record levels.
  • To support the campaign against public service job cuts and to ensure quality public services are delivered to those in need. I will fight for the services women, disabled people, black people, LGBT people, young people and elderly people rely upon as they are disproportionately affected by the cuts.

Please complete the attached matrix on our 5 pledges making any additional remarks as you see fit to help our members make an informed choice in the May elections. All responses (including a lack of one) will be published on the Birmingham Against the Cuts website and circulated to thousands of activists and supporters across the city to help inform their decision in the forthcoming election. Please return your responses by Friday 20th April.

BATC supports the initiatives taken by trade unions in the city to make representations on policies and issues affecting their members, we will also be encouraging our members and activists in local anti-cuts networks in various wards around the city to write to you with any other issues of concern to them.

On behalf of Birmingham Against the Cuts, I wish to thank you for taking the time to respond to our request and welcome your assistance in our endeavour to ensure our members and activists can be as informed as possible on the issues they care about at the ballot box.


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