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Pictures, Video and Full Report from The Tory Conference Demonstration Against Austerity

Around 2,000-3,000 people gathered on the streets on Birmingham last weekend to demonstrate for an alternative economic strategy to austerity, as the 2012 Tory conference started in the ICC.

Birmingham Against The Cuts joined Birmingham NUT to meet on the High Street to march up to join the TUC, who had moved the start location to Victoria Square. We waited until 11am to pick up anyone who didn’t know about the change, and then marched up the High Street and New Street to Victoria Square, joined on the way by students from the local universities, making this an impromptu education feeder march of around 100 people. This was very lively with chanting and although it was a Sunday morning there were a fair number of people around whose attention we definitely drew.

At Victoria Square the TUC had formed up but waited for us to arrive, and we joined the demonstration and marched off around the back streets and a little bit of Broad Street – as always kept away from the ICC itself by a 10ft high wall of steel, before coming back to Victoria Square for a rally where the Tory’s attack on our economy, welfare and rights was challenged and plans and ideas for an alternative put forward.

The demonstration was great, with at least 3 marching bands providing a stirring sound track, plenty of chanting and the sun shining down on us, but it must be said that the final route the TUC decided to take was not right. Any demonstration in Birmingham – especially on a Sunday – must go through the city centre where we can be seen and heard by lots of people and be able to effectively spread our message and ideas to the public.

With the TUC national demonstration on 20th October this was a nice warm up event. There are free coach seats available from Birmingham for unwaged and low paid workers, and seats on union coaches for non-unionised workers, so make sure that you are going along to show opposition and resistance to this government’s austerity agenda. The TUC rally was also followed by a Unite The Resistance public meeting in the council house.

With thanks to Hannah Goldman Hincks and Helen Purcell for photos, and Ben Hewitt for the video. Here are some more photos from the day:


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Remploy Demonstration At Tory Party Conference – 8:30am Wednesday

Sacked Remploy workers are going to demonstrate outside the Tory Party Conference from 8:30am on Wednesday over the closure of 36 Remploy factories with compulsory redundancy for 1,752 people of whom 1,518 of these are disabled.

ICC, Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2EA

Accessibility information: Demonstration will be held outside. I’m afraid I don’t know how long it is expected to go on for. There is level access to the demonstration area in Centenary Square, and accessible toilets within 500 meters in Paradise Forum and Brindley Place restaurants/bars.

New Street, Moor Street and Snow Hill Train Stations are all around the same distance from the ICC and have level access. Five Ways train station is slightly closer but does not have level access.

One of the many attacks on disabled people that this government is carrying out. Remploy supports disabled people into work and one of the main things it does is provide workplaces where disabled people are fully supported.

Remploy being the largest and the oldest employer of disabled people in Britain is not only a workplace but a way of life for thousands of disabled people who want sustainable employment of their choice.

Remploy was established after the Second World War to provide employment for those brave men and women in the armed forces injured in the pursuit of freedom. Remploy quickly developed into the biggest and most important employer of disabled people in Britain, and still continues today to provide sustainable employment for those men and women returning from active service.

Employees now face the threat of closure after the Government accepted the recommendations of the Report prepared by Liz Sayce and opened a three month consultation period finishing in October 2011.

The Sayce Report aims its javelin against the employment of disabled people, Remploy, residential training colleges and other organisations supporting the disabled and other vulnerable members of our society

36 out of 54 sites are closing, leaving 1,500 disabled people out of work. 85% of Remploy workers laid off in previous closures are still looking for work and with the economy in the state it’s in, this is likely to be repeated for any workers losing their jobs here. What awaits them is cuts in disability benefits and the ATOS assessment process which doctors say is driving people to commit suicide.
With advice services looking to be “overwhelmed” by disability benefit casework, the future does not look bright for Remploy workers.

Please sign the petition against the closures and come along to the demo on Wednesday.

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Some Photos From Today’s Tory Conference Demo

Just a quick report as it seems none of the mainstream media are reporting the demo today, but we’ll have more pictures and a proper report early next week.

Birmingham NUT and Birmingham Against the Cuts gathered on the High Street to ensure that anyone who hadn’t heard of the change of location would still be able to take part in the demo, and we were joined by students from BCU, Aston and the University of Birmingham on the way to Victoria Square which made this a little education feeder march of around a hundred people with “No Ifs! No Buts! No Education Cuts” ringing out along New Street.
We joined up with the TUC to march to Broad Street and back, as always the police had 10ft solid steel barriers erected to prevent anyone coming anywhere near the conference itself, with a rally held in Victoria Square.

You can see some photos from today on our Facebook and we’ll put a post up here next week when others have sent their photos in – don’t worry if you’re not on facebook you’ll see them all here soon 🙂

On now to October 20th demonstration in London – coaches are available from Birmingham and hope to confirm some good news at our meeting tomorrow about transport, so if you’re thinking of going down be sure to check back here tomorrow evening for details.


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