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Some Photos From Today’s Tory Conference Demo

Just a quick report as it seems none of the mainstream media are reporting the demo today, but we’ll have more pictures and a proper report early next week.

Birmingham NUT and Birmingham Against the Cuts gathered on the High Street to ensure that anyone who hadn’t heard of the change of location would still be able to take part in the demo, and we were joined by students from BCU, Aston and the University of Birmingham on the way to Victoria Square which made this a little education feeder march of around a hundred people with “No Ifs! No Buts! No Education Cuts” ringing out along New Street.
We joined up with the TUC to march to Broad Street and back, as always the police had 10ft solid steel barriers erected to prevent anyone coming anywhere near the conference itself, with a rally held in Victoria Square.

You can see some photos from today on our Facebook and we’ll put a post up here next week when others have sent their photos in – don’t worry if you’re not on facebook you’ll see them all here soon 🙂

On now to October 20th demonstration in London – coaches are available from Birmingham and hope to confirm some good news at our meeting tomorrow about transport, so if you’re thinking of going down be sure to check back here tomorrow evening for details.


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