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Photos from todays’ Welcome for David Cameron

When we found out this morning that David Cameron would be visiting Birmingham to speak at the LGA conference (which has Nick Clegg tomorrow), we felt that this visit couldn’t go un-noticed and hurriedly put out a call for anyone who could to come down to the ICC at 3pm – Cameron was due to speak at 3:45pm.

Obviously this talk had been kept quiet – he was listed as “a senior cabinet minister” on the website – as they knew that we would be out to welcome him in even bigger numbers if we had more warning.

Around 50 people made it out to show resistance to the ConDems – a great turnout for a demo called at 8am for just 7 hours later (and on a weekday)

All photos (c) Geoff Dexter Sherborne Publications – more photos can be found here


ITV Central News report covering the demo (not sure how long it’ll be available on their website)


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David Cameron in Birmingham TODAY!

Well done everyone who made this – photo’s from the event can be seen here – around 50 people made it down on less that 7 hours notice, so well done.. following is the original post calling the event:


We’ve just found out that David Cameron is speaking at the Local Government Association Conference TODAY!

We’ll be there from 3pm to welcome him to our city.

We know it is short notice, but if you can make it down, please do.. the tories and lib dems need to know that whereever they go there are people who oppose them and who will resist the cuts that they are choosing to implement.

The LGA conference is at the ICC on Broad Street, we will be outside the Centenary Square entrance.


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