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Save EMA – Make the Bankers pay

The Education Activist Network have called a further demonstration about the scrapping of EMA on the 19th whilst parliament debates the scrapping of EMA, on Wednesday 19th January:


Date Wednesday 19th January Time 4pm Assemble front of Waterstones, The Bullring

Dear friends and comrades,

On Wednesday 19th January, MPs will debate the abolition of the Education Maintenance Allowance. So many existing students would not have been able to study without EMA; now it has already been closed to new applicants and could soon be scrapped altogether.

Students have already begun protesting to defend EMA, with a day of action in December and determined demonstrations this week in cities from Leeds to Truro. And after MPs voted to raise tuition fees last term, university students are organising to put to the test the French slogan: “What Parliament does, the streets can undo”.
The Education Activist Network are helping to build a local protest on Wednesday.

This follows on from a demonstration on the 11th that saw 40 students, education workers and council workers gather to demonstrate against the scrapping of EMA and cuts in secondary education.  The demonstration included an occupation of RBS, drawing attention to the £7Bn of bonuses being paid to bankers and traders by a nationalised business, whilst the rest of the country faces austerity measures.


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