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Cotteridge anti-cuts stall report

This morning, a tremendously successful street stall was held at the Cotteridge island by the “Stirchley and Cotteridge against the Cuts” group, in alliance with the parents from Charles House. We distributed a leaflet demanding the home stays open and filled up our petition boards to overflowing with signatures from passers-by. We were also distributing the “Birmingham against the Cuts” leaflet, which calls for support for the November 30th strike and advertises the public meeting at the Council house on November 24th.
This local group is simultaneously campaigning on; the Cotteridge day centre for the elderly, the moves to academy status in three local schools, re-opening Merrishaw Community Day Nursery, the pension strikes, the local NHS, the Council “consultation” exercise on the cuts, and now Charles House! It is all getting a bit much and we need some new people to help out. Anyone who lives in the Stirchley, Cotteridge, Kings Norton, or Northfield area, please get in touch!

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Stirchley and Cotteridge Against the Cuts September events

Following our meeting on Tuesday, a lot of activity has been planned. If you can help out in any of these activities it would greatly be appreciated.
Contact StirchleyAntiCuts@Gmail.com if you can help, or would like to get more involved with this group.
Saturday September 3rd. 11am.  Street stall to build support for the public meeting in town on September 8th and the demonstration at the Lib-Dem Conference, Sept 18th. Cotteridge Island, by Subways.

Monday 5th September. 10am  Join the lobby outside of the meeting between Chrissie Garrett, the Council official, and Merrishaw parents, at Hamstead House, Fairfax Road, West Heath, B31 3QY.

Wednesday 7th September. 7pm  Next campaign meeting against academy status for Bournville School. Rowheath Pavilion, Small meeting room. B30 1HH.

Thursday 8th September. 5:30pm-6pm. Lobby of Bournville School Governing Body. Bournville School. Griffins Brook Lane B30 1QJ

Thursday 8th September. 7pm. Rally against the cuts, with Bob Crow, Jack Dromey and others. Birmingham and Midland Institute, next to Council House, 9 Margaret St. B3 3BS.

Saturday 10th September. 11am. Stall at Stirchley Co-op to build support for the demonstration at the Lib Dem conference.

Monday 12th September. 6.30pm. Birmingham against the Cuts meeting. UNISON Offices, 19th Floor. McLaren Building, Priory Queensway. Dale End.

Sunday 18th September. 10am.Meet at Cotteridge Island by Subway for our local demonstration as we walk with our new banner down to Stirchley Co-op, before catching the train from Bournville Station to Fiveways to join the march to the Lib Dem Conference at 11am. (Assemble at Granville St. B1 1SB)

Tuesday 20th September. 6.30-7pm. Year 7 parental consultation meeting for Bournville Parents over academy status. Bournville school. Lobby.

Wednesday 21st September. 7.30pm. Next meeting of Stirchley and Cotteridge against the Cuts. Cotteridge Church Centre.

Saturday 24th September. Fund raising car boot stall. Studley?

Saturday 5th November. Social?

  • In addition, there will be leafleting sessions outside Bournville school and Kings Norton High School, details to be announced, Volunteers please.
  • There could well be union funded coaches going up to the demonstration at the Tory Party conference on October 2nd. UNITE?

See our Upcoming Events Page for details of city centre leafletting for the events on the 8th and 18th. Also check out a very useful article about how Iceland stood up to the cutters;


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Save Merrishaw Day Nursery from closure

Stirchley and Cotteridge against the Cuts are supporting  a parents campaign to save Merrishaw Day Nursery in West Heath from closure.

This closure is imminent and the campaign needs your urgent support. A similar threat was announced 12 months ago but a campaign by parents, staff and UNISON caused councillors to u-turn.

The campaign also believes that the rest of service will be scaled down so that only those classed as “children in need” would be able to access the day nursery.

Don’t let this  happen!
*We are not being heard
*No consultation
*We do not want our children  to move.
*Our children are happy and settled at Merrishaw.

What you can do

1. Join our stall / street leafletting on Saturday.  We will meet at West Heath Shops, Alvechurch Rd, by the Co-op at 10:30am

There will now also be a stall/street leafletting on Saturday 23rd July, from 10:30am, at Faifaax Shops, bottom of Cropredy Road, West Heath

2. Join us on Saturday 30th July, 9.30a.m at Merrishaw Nursery, 49  Merrishaw Road, B31 3SL as we walk to Hampstead House to deliver our petition to the councillors.

Next Stirchley and Cotteridge Against the Cuts Planning meeting will be on Tuesday 26th July, 7:15pm, Stirchley Community Church, Perhsore road (opposite the old Stirchley Paths)

To contact Stirchley and Cotteridge Against the Cuts, Email StirchleyAntiCuts@Gmail.com or call 07828 013 091

Although Birmingham City Council has previously denied that there will be any closures, GMB union which represents many of the nursery workers were able to find out from the council that the plans do in fact involve closing the following nurseries:

Teviot Tower – Aston
The Chestnut Centre – Bordsley Green
Yatesburry Avenue – closed in May 2011- Castle Vale.
Millpool Gardens – Kings Heath
Merrishaw – West Heath
New Spring St – Ladywood
Belgravia -Highgate
Dyson Gardens – Alum Rock.

These plans have not yet been finalised, and GMB will be working against the plans with the workers and we need to include the parents who use these nurseries and make sure that the councillors know that their communities do not accept the need to close nurseries in Birmingham.

If you are a parent who uses one of these nurseries, please get in touch with us at BirminghamAgainstTheCuts@Gmail.com.  Perhaps you could work on a campaign to save the nursery that you use, along with other parents.  If you’ve never done any campaigning before, don’t worry, we can put you in touch with experienced activists living in your area who can help.  Working together we can save our services from closure.



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J30 Mass Strikes in Photos

(c) Geoff Dexter Sherborne Publications

Thursday 30th June (dubbed J30) saw mass strikes around the UK from NUT, ATL, UCU and PCS Unions over pensions.  In Birmingham we also had UNISON members striking – council workers out because of pay cuts and changes to conditions, and Connexions members out over job cuts.  With hundreds of pickets, 14 feeder demos and the main strike rally & march, there is far too much to cover in a word report, so here are pictures from the day (A second post of pictures is found here


Selly Oak Library

Norfolk House

Central Library

City Centre House


Victoria Square House

Hamstead Hall Secondary School

Handsworth Leisure Centre

Redfern Fleet and Waste Depot

Stirchley and Cotteridge Against the Cuts

Weather Oak Day Centre picket line

Northfield Demo

Strike Rally

8,000 people on the March


I’m afraid I don’t recognise most of these people, and I wasn’t there this afternoon – so if anyone can fill in the blanks, I’d be grateful 🙂 – Just tell me in a comment

Rhiannon Lockley, Halesowen College UCU

Caroline Johnson - Birmingham Unison

Kevin Courtney - NUT



With thanks to everyone for the photos:
Geoff Dexter Sherborne Publications (all the ones with GD in the filename, if you hover your cursor over an image) More of his photos here and here

Chris Hughes from Strichley and Cotteridge Against the Cuts
Sue Thomas
Sharon McCourt
Fiona Rachell
Edward Bauer


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Stirchley & Cotteridge Public meeting – 15th June

Why the cuts aren’t necessary – How we can defend services

Public meeting called by Stirchley + Cotteridge Against the Cuts


James Anthony (staff nurse + chair of QE hospital UNISON branch where 17% budget cuts are proposed)
Linda Burnip (Disabled People Against Cuts)

Weds 15th June 7.30pm
Stirchley Community Church, Pershore Road (opposite the old baths on Bournville Lane)

stirchleyanticuts@gmail.com  phone 07828 013091

other topics discussed will be local day centre, neighbourhood offices, fire service cuts, social care cuts, cuts at Lindsworth School (local special needs school), Merrishaw + Rea Meadow day nurseries under threat

There are also public meetings planned in June and July by other local groups around Birmingham, including Stockland Green and Handsworth, and we will post information about those when we have it.


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Stirchley and Cotteridge against the Cuts Public Meeting

Stirchley and Cotteridge Against the Cuts will hold a public meeting on Wednesday 15th June 7.30pm at Stirchley Community Church, Pershore Road (opposite the old baths on Bournville Lane).

Why the cuts aren’t necessary

How we can defend services


James Anthony (staff nurse and chair of QE hospital UNISON branch)

Linda Burnip (Disabled People against the Cuts)

Charlie Friel (Connexions steward)

Derelict Stirchley Baths
Is this the future for our public services?

• The Cotteridge Day Centre for the elderly has been granted a temporary reprieve, but its future is not guaranteed.

• The neighbourhood office service is being run down. What future for the Cotteridge office?

• Big cuts at the Lindsworth School

• Job cuts to the Fire service

• Merrishaw and Rea Meadow day nurseries threatened.

• Huge cuts to the Connexions service for young people.

• Social care for the elderly slashed.

We could go on, but as the half million strong TUC demonstration on March 26th stated; there is an alternative to this slash and burn attack on our vital public services.
Many public sector workers will be striking on June 30th in defence of a decent pension. Come along to our meeting
and have your say on what we can do to protect our area.

There are plenty of other events coming up in Birmingham before this meeting, take a look at our upcoming events page and see which you can come to to help fight the cuts.

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