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Transport to the Lib Dem & Tory party conference demonstrations

EDIT: Please this this post with updated details for transport

If you are looking for transport to the conference demonstrations – the Lib Dems in Birmingham on 18th September  and the Tories in Manchester on 2nd October, then Right to Work will be organising coaches from around the country, and hopefully trade unions will also organise some, along possibly with other local anti-cuts groups.  If people know of coaches coming to Birmingham on the 18th September, please let us know and we will list or link to them here.  Either leave a comment on this post, or email BirminghamAgainstTheCuts@Gmail.com

This being a blog focused on Birmingham, I’m assuming most readers will be more interested in knowing about transport to the Tory party conference demonstration, in Manchester on Saturday 2nd October.  At the meeting earlier this week it was agreed that unions, and hopefully the national TUC, along with anti-cuts groups and campaign groups like DPAC would work together to provide coaches to the demonstration.  If you are interested in going and would like to know more about coaches, please email BirminghamAgainstTheCuts@Gmail.com with the subject message “Tory Conference Demo Coach Enquiry” (it’ll make it easy for me to search and find everyone I need to email when more details come out).

At the moment there are no details other than there will be coaches going from Birmingham though.

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Women Chainmakers Festival 2011

Women Chainmakers on strike 1910

The TUC is delighted to announce a new venue for the Women Chainmakers’ festival for 2011. The new venue, Bearmore Mound, is in the heart of the Cradley Heath community where the Chainmakers worked and lived – and fought their successful ten week dispute to secure a minimum wage for their sector.

Festival organiser Alan Weaver said:

Bringing the Chainmakers’ festival back to the heart of the community where the women fought for their rights is a great achievement and we are indebted to Sandwell Council for their support in helping us do so.

Sandwell Council Leader Councillor Darren Cooper said:

Mary Macarthur is one of the giants of Sandwell’s past.
Her role as leader of the Cradley Heath chainmakers’ strike last century has rightly earned her a place in the history of the borough and trade unionism.

Mary Macarthur at a rally

The festival celebrates the achievements of 800 or so women Chainmakers who fought to establish a minimum wage for their labour. The local employers sought to deny them their rights but were met with forceful opposition, led by Mary Macarthur, who founded the National Federation of Women Workers and later stood for Parliament as a Labour candidate.

The seventh Women Chainmakers festival takes place at Bearmore Mound on Saturday 17th September. Further details will be announced in the run up to the festival.

This takes place during the Liberal Democrat conference which is being held in Birmingham across that weekend.  There will be a demonstration on Sunday 18th September.

At this point in time, the trade union movement appears to be becoming a real force in the anti-cuts movement, from the huge demonstration on 26th March, large Mayday demonstrations around the country and of course the strikes on the 30th June, unionists have been pushing their unions to take action.  It is likely that there will be further strikes in the autumn, and this remembrance of a very important victory and time in Trade Union history, followed by an overtly political action the following day could provide a useful spark to really ignite the fires of union action in the autumn to prevent cuts to pensions, jobs and pay.


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Second open planning meeting for Lib Dem conference demo

Dear Friend,

This September, the Lib-Dems will hold their annual conference here in Birmingham –  a city being devastated by the cuts of a Con-Dem council and Con-Dem government.

West Midlands Right To Work is working with the West Midlands regional TUC and regional anti-cuts groups to build the biggest and broadest demonstration on the day.  This protest must be inclusive of all of those groups, trade unions and organisations that are opposed to the cuts.

The Right to Work campaign has initiated  a national demonstration to protest against the Lib-Dems when they come to our city.  The demonstration will take place on Sunday 18th September.

The meeting on Thursday 23rd June was attended by RTW activists, members of NUT, PCS, CWU, UNITE, UNISON, campaign groups Disabled People Against the Cuts (DPAC), Birmingham Against the Cuts (BATC), West Midlands Against the Cuts (WMAC), Black Activists Rising Against Cuts(BARAC), Labour Party and Green Party activists.

Lee Barron, Chair of West Mids.TUC and Regional Sec. CWU addressed the meeting.  Lee spoke about how important it was that RTW and the regional TUC were working to build a unified and inclusive demonstration on the 18th September.

West Midlands Right To Work has organised a second open planning meeting to help build the demonstration on the 18th September . Any organisation or individual that wishes to back the demonstration and have a full part in planning the day can send a representative or attend the meeting.

Come to the open planning meeting, Tuesday 12th July, 7pm,  UNISON office, 19th Floor,McClaren House,Priory Queensway.

In Solidarity,
Matt Raine

Right to Work

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Sunday 18th Sept – Rage Against the Lib Dems

The Liberal Democrats are holding their annual conference at the ICC in Birmingham this year, and there will be a demonstration on Sunday 18th.
The demo has been called by Midlands TUC and Right to Work, and is being supported by all the anti-cuts groups in the West Midlands, including anti-cuts groups in Birmingham, Dudley, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Shropshire, North Staffs, Coventry, Nuneaton, Rugby and Worcester.

TUC and Right to Work are currently arranging the route of the march, and initially talks have made it clear that the march will go past the ICC and through Birmingham City Centre, but the exact route needs to be finalised.

The assembly point has provisionally been set at Moor Street Train Station, for 12 noon.

7,000 people came to Birmingham for the Tory conference march on a rainy October saturday.  10,000 people went to Sheffield for the Lib Dem spring conference in March.  We can get even more to Birmingham for this demonstration.

Please attend and invite people to our facebook event, and Right To Work‘s main event as well.

The Liberal Democrats are the junior partner in the coalition, but don’t make the mistake of thinking they aren’t getting what they want.  They may have pledged to vote against tuition fees, but even though the coalition agreement allowed them to vote no, many MPs – including our own John Hemming (MP for Yardley) voted for the tuition fee rise.  They may have talked about taking action and regulating the banking sector, but they haven’t.  Nor have they stopped any cuts, or even appeared to try to prevent the Tories cuts.

We need to be out to make sure that the Lib Dem leadership knows that we think they are every bit as bad as the Tories, and that we will oppose them.  We need to let them know that the loss of votes in polls (Lib Dems hovering at 8-9% in yougov polls since the local elections – were at 10%-11% before). is not just in the polls, but also on the streets.  Wishful thinking implores me to say something along the lines of “lets get them down to 5% after their conference”, but I think they might already be that low by the time we come to September ;).

We also need to show a continued resistance to the cuts and to this government.  By September, more cuts will have had an effect on people’s lives, and the signs for an economic recovery do not look good (Amongst other indications, Aprils budget deficit was the highest ever).

It’s a few months off.  Many plans are still to be worked out, but we need to put this date in our diaries, and start building for it now, especially at and after 30th June.  Help promote it by attending and inviting people to our facebook event.

The Tory conference is being held in Manchester in October, and there will also be a demonstration there on October 2nd

The Lib Dem demonstration was originally planned for Saturday 17th, until some bright spark realised that this would clash with the Chainmakers Festival and the demo was moved to the Sunday – so if you see any publicity around saying it’s the 17th, this is wrong – and please let us / the website know that the date has moved.





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