Stockland Green Against the Cuts

To contact Stockland Green against the Cuts, email

Next event: Saturday 19th May Youth Demo for Jobs, Erdington High Street, 11am by the Co-op.

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3 responses to “Stockland Green Against the Cuts

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  2. Patrick.

    Trying to get `Castle Vale Against the Cuts` registered along other local groups in Birmingham, how is this done ?. Patrick.

  3. jae Robinson

    Hi just read the bedroom tax article concerning the bailiffs- if you don’t let them in or they can’t get access into house via windows then they can’t do anything (most are nice and understanding) and eventually send the case back to the council at which point the council can start eviction proceedings.

    It is possible to fight against this via the courts using Judicial review and Human Rights Act.

    Are the councillors genuinely supportive of this? If so how far are they prepared to go as far as sticking their necks out ?

    Jae (0121 244 7035)

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