Election 2012 Pledge Comments

This is for anyone who cannot open the XLSx spreadsheet which also contains comments from candidates who have signed the pledges. This is not a complete list of candidates who have returned our pledges, only the additional comments that have been made. Please see this post for a complete list.

ACOCKS GREEN, Chris Whitehouse, UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Comment to pledge regarding Leisure Service Privatisation:

The privatisation of a lot of council run services is the direct result of being a member of the European Union.

Comment to pledge regarding public sector job cuts:

I will support the campaign against job cuts


Leisure Service Privatisation:

Green Party policy is to oppose the privatisation of public services

Closures to Children’s Homes & Services:

Cutting childrens services hurts not just the young but also poorer families and women. The Green Party opposes these cuts.


It is crucial to support young people in our city as youth unem,ployment soars. The Green Party wishes to increase funding in this area.

Cuts to jobs & services:

As a disabled woman I am disgusted with the way the cuts have fallen on those least able to bear them.

General comment:

The Green Party is committed to fighting the most brutal and savage cuts for a generation. We believe in high quality public services that are publically funded, owned and are publically accountable. We oppose the privatisation of public services such as libraries, schools, hospitals, leisure services, public transport and so on.

NORTHFIELD, Harry Eyles, Labour Party Candidate

Privatisation of Leisure Services:

I would never seek to outsources work however, in some areas e.g. Childrens services I will always do whatever is right and will give the best outcome, whether this means public, private or voluntary sector. Those in need must come before political ideology

General Comment:
I will support and campaign to keep our public services public. I will work to support those most in need of support and will engage with local community groups on issues and campaigns. I fully support a ‘living wage’ in Birmingham and will continue to campaign for this if elected, also through my own trade union (UCU)

SPARKBROOK, Peter Tinsley, Green Party

I believe the anti-cuts campaign needs a reasoned alternative to the current economic strategy which is essentially the same for Tory/Lib Dem and Labour. Only the Greens are arguing for taxes for the rich, wealth taxes and expenditure to boost growth. The cuts are not only vicious and harmful but basically not required.

Statement on behalf of all Green Party Candidates

Thank you for your letter about the cuts planned by this council in the delivery of our public services. As the ONLY party standing across the whole of Birmingham committed to delivering high quality public services publicly we are delighted to back all your pledges. With elected Green Party Councillors at County and City level in Norfolk the Green Party has been leading the way in saving Youth Services across the County in spite of the cuts of all central governments. In Brighton again we are fighting to resist the joint actions of Labour and Conservatives who want us to cut these vital services. These are the actions of Green Party councillors that you can expect if we are elected in Birmingham on 3rd May.

Whilst some of our candidates may wish to respond to you individually not all are able to do so. Please take this response from all of us in Birmingham Green Party.

We look forward to your members support on 3rd May.

Phil Simpson, Co ordinator Birmingham Green Party

Kings Heath and Moseley, Lisa Truckett, Labour Party
I am opposed to the privatisation of leisure services. I believe in and have campaigned for democratically accountable public services.
The wanton destruction of key services as a result of the scorched earth polices of the Council and ideological intent of the Government has to be halted. I pledge to support the development and delivery of public services to those in need and work with connexions and others to address the scandal of youth unemployment. I will work to ensure that the pursuit of social justice and equality are the key drivers for public policy in this City.

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