30th June Strike Day Activity

Teachers, Civil Servants, Council Workers and Connexions in Birmingham will be striking on the 30th June.

More information about the strikes is available in this post

This page is to help you to find out what is happening on the day, and I will be doing my best to get hold of details of as many picket lines as possible.

Red = UNISON (Council workers)
Blue = NUT/ATL School Closure (by no means a complete list)
Blue Pin = NUT/ATL Picket
Purple = UCU
Yellow = PCS
Pink = Connexions (UNISON)
Red Pins = J30 Strike Rallies
Light Blue = Other

For a big list, probably fairly unordered, of picket’s and events that have been placed on the map, see here

If you want to know about pickets in Wolverhampton see here

For National information see www.j30Strike.org

4 responses to “30th June Strike Day Activity

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  4. Fantastic support today….rallied at Asda Small Heath,then onto City Centre………..better than I could have hoped for. KRO.!!

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