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Phone messages can be left on 0121 643 8668

Look at the top of our Upcoming Actions page for details of our next planning meeting

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I want to do something!

Write to your MP or Councillor using Write to Them about one of the cuts

If you have a suggestion for a template letter or letter writing campaign please contact us at

See if there’s a petition to sign at the moment – most recent ones will be at the top of the page.

Print off and stick up a poster, or some print and hand out some leaflets from our Resources page

Have a look at our Upcoming Actions page and see what is happening this week that you could help with or come along to.

Why not come to our next planning meeting and get more involved  (everyone is welcome to come to our  meetings, even if you do not have much time spare) .

I don’t have any time, but I could spare some money

We are entirely dependant on donations from supporters, and if you can donate some money we will use every penny to support our fight against the cuts.  See our Make a Donation page for details of how you can donate

5 responses to “Get Involved

  1. steve

    Saturday 30th June is the LAST TIME that the Central Library Music Department opens on a Saturday!
    I remember how – being an actual user of the Central Library, and informing the Trade Union Council as well as BAtC about the impending reduction in hours of December last year, BAtC were actually HAVING A MEETING at 6pm that day (first time Central Library shut at 6 instead of 8pm)
    and of course was interested in the idea of having the meeting (BAtC) actually IN THE LIBRARY
    (tho Godfrey of BTUC didn’t even BELIEVE me that the cut was impending!)

    So here is another opportunity to actually do some active campaigning/resistance to the frontline cuts that are going on before our eyes! I shan’t be holding my breath tho

  2. Mike Harrison

    UK Uncut has called for Starbucks to be targetted on 8th December:

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  4. chaz

    So here is another opportunity to actually do some active campaigning/resistance to the front line cuts that are going on before our eyes! I shan’t be holding my breath. Birmingham like all councils across the country enforce the central Goverment mandates regardless of which ever party of the time. What is needed is to send all the clowns back to the circus solidarity of the masses someone with BALLS not ed.we know were is brains are at in a prefect state we should call the house of commons BEDLAM there are more loonies then in the nuthouses what drugs are they on that we are not allowed to use child care prices increase cost of living increase welfare increase sorry this is not for us goverment workers should be cut when not benefitting its citizens wrong doing should not be praised and rewarded. the news headlines show us all the true failures that can be stopped its time to call time on these pratts stop electing them the country cannot grow and move forward when not all the dinosaurs are extinct sorry my life is almost over and NO you cannot build there it spoils my view.
    since 1950 how many times have we moved forward

  5. Barbara Rachel Davies

    I worked for Ilkeston jobcentre, we sometimes had to throw claims away when people applied for too many jobs because we knew the chances were they couldn’t do it as good a second time by memory, we kept there claims with a view to sanctioning them you see so it all helped us get our stars lol

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