About Us

Birmingham Against The Cuts is a group formed by Trade Unions, Service Groups, User Groups and Campaign Groups in Birmingham to oppose the cuts being made by the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition government and their implementation by the Labour council.

For contact details, see our Get Involved page

Birmingham Against The Cuts supporters logosSupporting Organisations:                        Other W Mids groups

Birmingham Trades Union Council

PCS Midland Region

UNISON Birmingham City Council Branch

UNITE M541 City and Precious Metals Branch

UNITE Greater Birmingham 4112 Branch

NUT Birmingham Association

GMB Birmingham Education branch

UCU West Midlands Region

RMT Birmingham Branch

Peoples Charter Birmingham

Right to Work West Midlands

National Shop Stewards Network West Midlands

Alliance against Birmingham Academies

CROSS campaign to defend central education services –Website Facebook Twitter

Birmingham Respect Party

Green Party Birmingham Branch

Socialist Workers Party Birmingham Branch

Socialist Party Birmingham Branch

Socialist Resistance Birmingham Branch

Industrial Workers of the World

Stop Fees and Cuts in Birmingham Twitter: @stopcutsbrum Blogspot

Workers Power Birmingham

Birmingham City University Students Union

2 responses to “About Us

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  2. Robert Bluck

    Re: No Benefits for 11+ Weeks

    I have a problem with what I believe is an employee who works for the Department of Works and Pensions, (DWP), in that I believe they have malicious intent toward me. This isn’t personal; they likely have an attitude problem toward disabled people, I am one. I became disabled when I was bicyclist hit by a speeding car. This RTA occurred in 1988.

    Because I’ve received no benefits now for 11+weeks I have to commit crime in order to survive. I’m not prepared to say what I am doing.

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