Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Group online event on Sat 8 Oct

Urgent action, long term solutions: climate, cost of living and industrial action

10.00-11.10: Welcome and opening session: Multiple crises, one fight: joining the dots

In this session we’ll look at the crises facing the UK in their global context. Who pays the price for climate breakdown and financial crisis? Following catastrophic floods in Pakistan, the UK government plans North Sea oil expansion. Energy companies profit from households facing unaffordable heating bills, while at COP27 in Egypt in November, rich nations face off Global South demands for financial recompense for loss and damage. Our struggles are connected – let’s join the dots.

Speakers include Asad Rehman, War on Want, Dr Mahvish Ahmad;  Ruth London, Fuel Poverty Action; Jay Read, Stop Cambo

11.15-12.45: Workshops (parallel)

1: Cost of living, energy, public ownership: making the links. 

Decisions about energy – what, where from, who owns it, and how much we need – once seemed abstract and remote. It’s now clear that the government opting for more fossil fuels, instead of renewable energy and home insulation, is hitting households hard. Disabled people and those on low incomes face a winter of extreme hardship. We’ll discuss what is needed: urgent action and long-term solutions.

With Emma Hewitt, Disabled People Against Cuts; Francis Stuart, Scottish Trades Union Congress; Chris Herring, AECB & Insulate Britain; Ellen Robottom, CACCTU

2: From high carbon sectors to climate jobs: making it real

Around the country, there are urgent campaigns against fossil fuel extraction, burning trees for fuel, and expansion of high carbon infrastructure like aviation. But for workers in high carbon industries, the promise of ‘climate jobs’ or ‘just transition’ can seem only slogans. How can activists turn these promises into a real alternative, make links with workers and find unified demands across campaigns?

With Pete Cannell, Scot E3; Dr Jo Cutter; Stuart Boothman, Just Transition Wakefield; Katy Brown, Stop Burning Trees Coalition

12.45-13.30: Lunch break

13.30-15.00: Workshops (parallel)

3: Winning urgent climate arguments in trade unions

In many unions, support in principle for climate action is often contradicted by a push for high-carbon developments. And across the trade union movement, there are debates about which energy technologies are really ‘false solutions’. How can ordinary trade union members work to resolve these contradictions, so unions make choices for our future and for climate and social justice today?

With Sam Mason, PCS; Mel Mullings, RMT; Pablo John, GMB for a GND; Suzanne Jeffery, CACCTU/NEU

4: Building local alliances and getting local councils to act

Whether it’s campaigning for better public transport and well insulated housing or against new roads, waste incineration or fracking, vital battles can be won and lost on a local level, as well as building strength for national campaigns. What works, and how do we bring communities together, learning from people’s lived experiences?

With Simon Pirani, Stop the Silvertown Tunnel; Tina Rothery, fracking campaigner, and speakers from Bristol Acorn and Sheffield Better Buses

15.05-16.00: Planning for action

Bringing the day together – what have we learnt and what next?

Speakers include  Mel Mullings, RMT; Phoebe Hayman, Just Stop Oil; Suzanne Jeffery, CACCTU; Tina Rothery; fracking campaigner and more.

Details and sign-up button here 
Or HERERecordings of the September events by CACCTU can be watched HERE and HERE

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