Want to work together for climate justice across the West Midlands?

We’re inviting you to be a part of the COP26 Coalition West Midlands conversation

🚀🚀Join us on Tuesday 20th July, 7-8.30pm for our public Launch Assembly.

Connect with and beyond the climate movement, joining up with trade unions, faith groups, housing campaigners, anti-racist activists, LGBTQ campaigners, local community organisers and more.

We will discuss how we can:

👥👥Gather: Why is climate justice crucial to all of us? What are the great things already happening in the West Midlands?

🤝Support: What support do we need? What support can we offer? How can we come together to grow our ability to bring about real change?

✊🏾Send: Discuss how we can build mass mobilisations for COP26, both remotely from the West Midlands and in person in Glasgow.

🌳Grow: Convene and grow the movement for climate justice in the West Midlands.

Let’s join together to bring about real change!  

Speakers include:

Scarlett Westbook https://twitter.com/scarlettowest?s=21 17 | Climate Activist | ‘World-class scientific expert,(and teenager)’ | Youngest person in the world to have done an A level in Government & Politics.

Asad Rehman https://twitter.com/chilledasad100?s=21  General activist against all bad things rooted in a BLM politics of race/class/gender ..

Leon Sealey-Huggins https://twitter.com/leon_ayo?s=21 Assistant Professor in Global Sustainable Development, University of Warwick. “The climate crisis is a racist crisis: structural racism, inequality and climate change”

Sign up on the eventbrite link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/cop26-coalition-west-midlands-launch-tickets-159883867953

For more information email: westmidlands@cop26coalition.org

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