A partial victory in the Richie Venton IKEA campaign

Richie Venton of USDAW spoke at BTUC on 5 November about the campaign to reinstate him after he was sacked by IKEA during the corona crisis while fighting cuts in working conditions. The Reinstate Richie Venton campaign website has just posted a new update stating they have won a partial victory against the IKEA management.

The most pressing paragraph is this:

“The fact a Settlement Agreement has now been reached with the result that Richie and USDAW’s legal department have withdrawn the Employment Tribunal case for unfair dismissal, is also a huge achievement for personal courage and multi-union solidarity. Especially when compared with the prospect of summary dismissal, in total silence without any explanation of the issues, which he faced six months ago.”

The nature of the settlement is not stated explicitly but it seems that Richie has not got his job back unfortunately. The update itself is a good read and it details the consistent failure of the USDAW leadership to do anything for Richie throughout this process.

Link to the update: https://reinstaterichieventon.com/2020/11/19/how-workers-won/

And you can hear Richie’s talk at the Trades Council on the BTUC website.

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