Climate Champion Resource Pack for schools

Welcome to our launch event to share our Climate Champion Resource Pack for schools

Friday 20 November 14:00 – 15:30

Climate Action Network West Midlands

The catalysts for creating this resource were conversations generated during our series of ‘world café’ events back in 2018; there was agreement that education and information available to young people around the issues of climate change was limited. Our aim was to create something that can be easily adapted to the experience, interests and ages of the group.

Here we are now in the midst of a global climate emergency and locally and internationally the voices of young people are being amplified through the actions of the School Strikers. Here in Birmingham young leaders of this group, committed to engaging with a diversity of youth voices from across the City, have collaborated with us making this resource available.

This event is aimed at teachers, youth workers, parents and young people who would like to learn more about how to use the pack and will also offer the opportunity to collaborate on the sharing of ideas and experience in engaging young people in these challenging topics.

Working from home resources

By Birmingham Youth Strike for Climate

A pack full of resources, so that you can continue education at home. All activities are climate related.

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