Birmingham KONP says support these NHS petitions on Coronavirus action

Dear Members, Supporters and Regular Attenders,

Owing to the present health situation we have decided to cancel our next meeting, which was due to take place on Wed 1st April.

There seems some irony in noting that more money is going into our NHS for this crisis, while both the TUC and BBC seem to have been rehabilitated as organisations worthy of grudging respect in the government’s eyes. Also the government is being pushed towards economic positions which, under normal circumstances, we would not have imagined 3 months ago.

You may wish to support the petitions listed below:

1) Today’s (Sat 21st March) announcement that the private health sector is to rent thousands of beds and staff to the NHS at cost does not meet the aims of the GMB and WeOwnIt petitions to be found in the links below:

2) More practical support for frontline NHS staff – 6 demands generated by medics themselves:
3) Scrap the immigration health charge, which (besides the principle of it) could put people off accessing health care and risking the further spread of the virus:  

We will keep you informed of future meetings when we can. In the meantime, minutes, reports, etc will be circulated by email.

Stay safe, in solidarity,

KONP Birmingham Officers


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