Campaign to stop the relocation of Erdington Library

Reportedly there is a plan to move the library in Erdington from the existing building to within a council building in New Sutton Road. Next petitioning is outside Erdington library on Friday, 17th, 2pm. The move is due to water damage caused by unmaintained roof and blocked gutters. The figure of £30 000 has been mentioned for the repairs. The source of this information is staff members at the library.

The Friends of Erdington Library, who are almost all Erdington Labour Party members, have been proactive with petitioning. 250 signatories last Saturday over 90 minutes, with about 15 campaigners out.  An e-petition, which focuses on the Carnegie building, and is quite lame, has 1700+signatories. The Erdington Friends have got MP Jack Dromey on board, and he has reportedly spoken to Ian Ward. Dromey says ‘Over my dead body’ would it close and relocate. The response to the petition has been warm and determined.

The Friends have spoken of asking for a meeting with Jayne Francis, though in my opinion Ward is a stronger bet, which has already been done.

FOLOB – the Friends of the Libraries of Birmingham – has been supportive, with its website and help with petitioning.

The two local Tory councillors have been sniffing around and have their own petition, blaming the Council’s lack of maintenance, of course. Erdington Friends are all familiar with the central government cuts to council funding, and are clued up about the arguments for where the main fault lies.

Next petitioning is outside Erdington library on Friday, 17th, 2pm. They will be using the FOLOB banner and their own petition wording. Please share the e-petition, which is on the Erdington Friends and the FOLOB websites.

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