Birmingham schools suffer the worst cuts in England, with 5 constituencies in the bottom 50

The Government is still claiming that they’re ‘levelling up’ funding for every school. It’s a lie.

Even with the extra Government funding, ‘83% of schools will have less money per pupil in April 2020 in real terms than they had in 2015, and children in 146 out of 149 local authorities will still be losing out.’ (Guardian 9 November)

Birmingham is the worst-affected city. 99% of schools have a shortfall in funding and 89% face further real-terms cuts in April.

And 5 Birmingham constituencies are in the bottom 50, according to research by the National Education Union. Here they are, with the loss per pupil since 2015:

  • Ladywood £594
  • Yardley £527
  • Edgbaston £527
  • Erdington £521
  • Hodge Hill £513

And let’s not forget the FE colleges, which have lost on average 21% of their funding since 2010.

You can find the NEU data and graphics at

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