Co-operation Jackson talk with Kali Akuno, Saturday 25 May 7-9pm at The Warehouse Café

Kali Akuno is co-founder of a project that is building a circular and sustainable local economy in the “Deep South” of the United States. It has influenced the ‘municipal socialism’ movement in the UK.

Its holistic organizing practice brings together open “People’s Assemblies”, participatory city budgeting, a community land trust, inter-connected worker, farming and (eventually) housing co-operatives in a way that begins to model what a scaleable just transition could look like for urban and semi-urban areas.

You can buy tickets online to be sure of a space or pay for tickets on the door. Money will go towards funding Kali’s travel costs and towards Cooperation Jackson.

Refreshments will be available, but if you’d like to have a full meal please be aware our kitchen closes at 7pm, so please ring up the cafe and book ahead of time and arrive earlier before the talk starts.

For tickets:

The Warehouse Café is at 54-57 Allison Street, B5 5TH.

Read “It’s Eco-Socialism or Death”, an interview with Kali Akuno, in Jacobin at



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