Don’t criminalise rough sleepers! SAY NO TO THE BIRMINGHAM PSPO

Birmingham City Council are proposing the implementation of a Public Space Protection Order across central Birmingham, which could be used to criminalise rough sleepers.

Join us at 5pm on 21st May in Victoria Square to oppose this proposal!

Speakers confirmed so far include:

·      Councillor Majid Mahmood (LAB Bromford and Hodge Hill)

·      Councillor Kerry Jenkins (LAB Moseley and Kings Heath)

·      Simon Foster– Community Law Partnership

·      Councillor Pete Lowe (LAB Lye and Stourbridge)

Find us on Facebook and Twitter: ‘Say no the Birmingham PSPO’

(This event is supported by Unite Community Birmingham)


Most of us take for granted somewhere safe and warm to sleep, a nice cup of tea, a hot bath or shower, and somewhere to keep our possessions safely. Under these proposals, an individual could be fined for such actions as obstructing a doorway or footpath with their person or belongings, or begging, which could be something as simple as asking for a few pennies for a cup of tea or coffee. With no funds to pay such fines, this will inevitably lead to a criminal conviction, making it even harder for those already struggling to turn their lives around.

Rough sleeping has more than doubled since 2010, and thanks to cuts to council budgets by the Conservative government, services that provide help to homeless people are at breaking point. We know Birmingham City Council is struggling to provide support services as a result of this, but criminalisation is not the answer. Liberty and the Community Law Partnership have written to the council opposing this proposal. We are asking them to scrap the PSPO, and instead work together will local homeless charities to help people back into accommodation and a safe environment.

What else can I do to help? Contact your local MP or Councillor and ask them to oppose the PSPO. You can also sign our petition at


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