Motion to oppose Birmingham Council Cuts – for the Budget consultation meeting on December 19th 6-8pm in the Council House

1. We call for open local meetings to be set up across the city by the Council, to which ordinary citizens, community and campaigning groups are invited to participate.

2. These meetings would have the aim of drawing up a charter of services needs, campaigning for Birmingham’s money to be returned and developing a vision for a new people’s city, a new Birmingham.


a) We oppose the proposal to privatise the Council Nurseries and demand they are kept open as a Council provided service.

b) We oppose the abolition of the school crossing service and ending to use of guides to assist children with autism and physical disabilities go to Birmingham schools.

c) We demand the end to the cuts in hours and pay for the Bham Home Care workers.

d) We demand the rescinding of the planned library cuts to book buying and adequately funding library staffing and maintenance.

e) We deplore the cuts and changes to Social Care and Public Health provision and that these are based on inadequate or non-existent assessments of needs and the impact on service users affected by the closure of HIV/TB support services, funding cut to the Children’s Trust, possible outsourcing of the Bharosa domestic violence support and the threat of increased financial charges to people who need support and care at home. In addition the knock-on effects on the NHS appear not to have been considered, despite the supposed aim of closer integration of services.

This motion is supported by Save Our Nurseries, Birmingham Against The Cuts, Birmingham Keep Our NHS Public and Friends of the Libraries of Birmingham..

There is an alternative to passively implementing the brutal Tory Cuts in Birmingham, instead of holding only one oversubscribed meeting (many people attempting to register have been listed as being on a waiting list) the Council should take the issue to a series of meeting in the suburbs to involve the Birmingham people in a campaign to get more resources from this Tory government. In the last year of the previous Tory/Liberal Democrat administration in 2012 there were 8 local meetings in the diverse areas of Birmingham. At 5 of these meetings Anti-Cuts motions were passed.

The issues involved in points a) – e) are drastic cuts which could be reversed even with the tight financial conditions the Council faces if key priorities such as spending half million – one million pounds on maintaining Council Nurseries rather than wasting money on fantasy projects like the Commonwealth Games. Another example of an expensive ‘vanity project’ is the revamp of Centenary Square which was originally schedule to cost £10 million and is now expected to cost £16 million!!! This figure would keep the Council’s Nurseries going for the next 16 years!!

Jeremy Corbyn said at the Labour Party conference 2018 that “outsourcing and privatisation are complete rackets”. Are Birmingham Labour Councillors listening to Jeremy? We do not think so!!

For further information on Anti-Cuts campaigns go to the Birmingham Against the Cuts website:

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