Save the Day Nurseries – Support the lobby of the Cabinet meeting on Tuesday 11 December from 9.30am outside the Council House

The Council has decided to hand over its 14 Day Nurseries to private providers or close them

Reports about the Nurseries on the Cabinet’s agenda include an Analysis of Consultation Responses. 159 people attended the 14 consultation meetings in January and February 2018 about the Council’s plans to privatise or close the 14 Day Nurseries.

This is what the document says parents and community members said:

 “Overall, their feedback at the meetings suggests that there is little or no support for the current proposed ideas”.

Other key themes included “Negative comments about private, voluntary and independent (PVI) providers, particularly around their motivations and lower quality of service compared to council run day nurseries.”

The Summary of feedback from consultation survey says “In terms of the open comments, there is overwhelming criticism disagreement with any cuts and closure to the day care nurseries, with respondents giving examples of how this will negatively impact on families and deprived neighbourhoods who rely on the nurseries.”

“Many respondents state they have had positive experiences of using a council-run nursery and prefer them to stay as council-run, as they provide a better quality care.”

“Respondents are generally wary and critical about private, voluntary and independent providers, stating that they are only interested in doing the bare minimum, thought only of profit, and did not provide the same quality of service.”

That is why we are supporting the protest against the Council’s plans to sell-off or close the 14 Day Nurseries

Read the detailed response to the Council’s plans for the Day Nurseries on the Birmingham Against the Cuts website on 5 December at


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