Percentage cuts in Birmingham and WM Councils’ services spending 2010-2017

There are significant inequalities in cuts to council services across the country. The most severe cuts to local service spending between 2010 and 2017 were generally associated with areas of “multiple deprivation”.

Five of the seven West Midland boroughs (all except Dudley and Solihull) were dependent on central government for around two-thirds to three-quarters of their budgets.

Actual service cuts from 2009/10 to 2016/17 ranged from 46% to East Riding of Yorkshire’s 5%. The median or midpoint reduction among English councils was 24%, twice that in Scotland and Wales, and all 46 found to have cut by 30% or more are in England – including Birmingham. (Chris Game in The Chamberlain Files, 19 October).

% Percentage cut in local services spending 2010-17

Rank (out of 153 Council % cut Multiple deprivation ranking (out of 326)
23 Birmingham 35 11
91 Sandwell 22 12
108 Solihull 19 216
109 Wolverhampton 19 19
116 Coventry 17 60
118 Dudley 16 118
136 Walsall 11 41


You can read the latest research in the article on ‘The depths of the cuts: the uneven geography of local government austerity’, by Mia Gray and Anna Barford.  published today in the Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society, available to all to read.

There’s a summary at Chris Game’s article in the Chamberlain Files is at



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