Stop Cuts to the Homecare Enablement Service – Support the Striking Birmingham Care Workers

Enablement Service Care Workers employed by Birmingham City Council have been forced to take 30 days of strike action during a nine month dispute with the Council.

Why are the Council cutting a vital service?

The Tories have cut the council’s budget by almost £600M meaning lots of local services have been cut or have disappeared altogether.

The Enablement service helps people remain independent  in their own homes and is needed to stop people being stuck in hospital. It has already been cut by 48% over the last 12 months so the workers are striking to say enough is enough.

The council provides the service for free but as it shrinks people are being forced into the private sector who charge for it.

As well as cutting the service the council plan to cut the pay of the workers who provide it by between £5,000 and £11,000. 99% of the staff are low paid women.

At the same time the council voted to spend £12M on consultants to review services for older people and are spending £75M on the Commonwealth Games – we think their priorities are wrong.

What you can do to help

Email Paulette Hamilton, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care, demanding that she halts the proposed cuts.

Birmingham citizens elected a Labour council – we did this as we believe in local services and oppose the Government’s austerity agenda. The banking crash in 2008 caused the recession but only working people have had to pay the price in terms of cuts to living standards and essential services while the richest have doubled their wealth.

We believe it is time for our Labour Council to stand up to the government and protect the services we as a community need and rely on or what is the point of a Labour council.



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