Devo2 – the new West Midlands devolution deal

Here for information are the government’s plans for Devo2, including Housing and Industrial Strategy. Follow the links to read the official documents. BATC will be commenting on them soon, and we welcome your comments on Devo2..

Housing and Industrial Strategy at the forefront of new West Midlands Devolution Deal

West Midlands Combined Authority: A Second Devolution Deal To Promote Growth

And here is what the Budget says about the West Midlands:

5.24 Midlands Engine

West Midlands – The government has agreed a second devolution deal in principle with the West Midlands Mayor and Combined Authority to address local productivity barriers. This includes £6 million for a housing delivery taskforce, £5 million for a construction skills training scheme and a £250 million allocation from the Transforming Cities fund to be spent on local intra-city transport priorities.

Midlands Connect – To support the delivery of the Midlands Connect strategy, the government will provide £2 million to develop options to address key constraints on the Coventry – Leamington Rail Corridor, and £4 million for congestion measures. (28)

Manufacturing zone – The government will pilot a manufacturing zone in the East Midlands. This will reduce planning restrictions to allow land to be used more productively, providing certainty for business investment, and boosting local productivity and growth.

5.18 Modernising transport

Transforming Cities Fund – A £1.7 billion fund from the NPIF to support intra-city transport,  will target projects which drive productivity by improving connectivity, reducing congestion and utilising new mobility services and technology. Half will be allocated via competition for transport projects in cities and the other half will be allocated on a per capita basis to the 6 combined authorities with elected metro mayors – £74 million for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, £243 million for Greater Manchester, £134 million for Liverpool City Region, £80 million for West of England, £250 million for West Midlands and £59 million for Tees Valley – enabling them to invest in their transport priorities. (28)


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