Save our 14 Birmingham Community Day Nurseries from closure

The GMB union Birmingham Education branch has launched this petition. Already it has nearly 700 signatures.  You can sign it here:

We call upon Birmingham Council to save our Community Day Nurseries from closure. Plans are to be put forward to Cabinet to begin consultation surrounding closure of these vital Nurseries. These nurseries were the ones who survived after 12 community day nurseries were closed in 2010 which had a devastating impact on local communities, children and families. These nurseries are vital to communities. They provide places for vulnerable children of the city- some of which are on child protection plans, they provide for the free nursery entitled places for 2~4 year olds and for the new government initiative of 30 hour places for most working parents.

These nurseries have outstanding ofsted reports and are known for their excellent reputation and well trained experienced staff. Support is given to children who have additional needs as well as for children with English as a second language. These nurseries offer support to children and families in the most deprived areas of the City who fall within England’s poorest areas. To close these nurseries would have a detrimental impact on some of the City’s most vulnerable children and families. For parents trying to get back into work and education and also working parents. 200 staff are at risk under these proposals.

These proposals come at the same time that the Council has agreed to close 21 Children’s Centres.  We need to send a message to Birmingham Council to tell them that our children are important, we have seen the lengths the Council have gone to regarding the refuse dispute and would only hope the Council would invest in the Children of Birmingham.

This petition will be delivered to:

  • Birmingham City Council

  • Labour Councillors in Birmingham

  • Birmingham Cabinet members

BATC will be publishing more information about the proposed closures and the parents’ and community campaign shortly.


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