Nearly 9 in 10 schools are still facing cuts – join the Rally Saturday 14 October 12.30 at the Bullring

  • £52,500 average cut to primary schools
  • £178,000 average cut to secondary schools

Go to this website to find out the probable cut in your school’s budget:!/

 Typical Birmingham examples:

 Holyhead School

-£384,500 Total loss by 2020

-£375 Per-pupil loss

-8 Teachers lost

 Rookery Primary

-£133.400 Total loss by 2020

-£310 Per-pupil loss

-3 Teachers lost

Education Secretary Justine Greening pledged that every school would benefit from the new school funding formula. That simply isn’t true – the hard numbers show that nearly 9 in 10 schools are still facing cuts.

Schools need the Chancellor Philip Hammond at the Treasury to stop blocking vital money to fund schools properly. To make that happen, we urgently need you to meet your MP.

Your MP holds the power to vote against school cuts in the November budget and to demand that the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, funds schools fairly.

Even if your MP has been friendly on this issue before, at this crucial time every MP needs to be reminded and mobilised to speak out for schools now.

Together we’re powerful. Hundreds of people are already coming to Westminster for the Mass Lobby Against School Cuts – to tell their MPs that we expect them to get schools the funding they deserve.

Email your MP and ask them to meet you in Parliament on 24th October.

Anyone who has spoken to their local headteacher or parents group in recent weeks knows this problem is not going away.

Class sizes are rising, schools are cutting back on the curriculum and parents and teachers are paying for classroom essentials from their own pockets.

It’s up to us to act now and win back the funding schools urgently need.

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