Public sector worker wages down thousands in 2017, finds TUC

Public sector workers’ real wages in 2017 are down thousands of pounds a year compared to 2010, the TUC has found.

Prison officers, paramedics and NHS dieticians are all down over £3,800 a year. Firefighters are down nearly £2,900, while nuclear engineers and teachers are down approximately £2,500.

Lifeguards’ real pay is £2,200 lower than 2010, while crown prosecutors have seen a pay fall of £4,400.

Workers across the public sector have seen their real pay fall for seven consecutive years, as the result of artificial government pay restrictions.

A post-election poll by the TUC showed that 76% of voters want to give public sector workers a pay rise – including 68% of Conservative voters.

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:

“It’s been seven long years of pay cuts for our public servants. And ministers still won’t tell us if relief is on the way.

“Recent months have shown how brave and dedicated the people in our public services are. It’s time to give all of our hardworking public servants the pay rise they’ve earned.”

 – A full briefing on the figures is available here:

– Pay loss figures compare 2010 and 2017 public sector salaries, and adjust for CPI inflation, including the OBR’s projected inflation for 2017. RPI is listed in the table below.

Occupation Pay in 2017 (£) Pay in 2010 at CPI in 2016 prices (£) Nominal real terms pay cut at CPI (£) Pay in 2010 at RPI in 2016 prices (£)            Nominal real terms pay cut at RPI (£)
NHS Paramedic 35,577 39,435 3,858 41,717 6,140
Teacher 33,160 35,574 2,414 37,633 4,473
Prison Officer 29,219 33,038 3,819 34,930 5,731
Lifeguard 22,658 24821 2163 26257 3,599
NHS Specialist Dietician 35,577 39,435 3,858 41,717 6,140
Firefighter 29,638 32,526 2,888 34,408 4,770
Nuclear Maintenance Engineer 33,633 36,224 2,591 38,320 4,687
Crown Prosecutor 58,679 63083 4,404 66,735 8,056
NHS Ancillary staff 15,671 16,568 897 17,527 1,856


TUC Press Release issued 17 July, 2017



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