#StoptheToriesintheirTracks – Disabled People Against Cuts Protest, Wed 17 May 2-6pm, Birmingham city centre

Protest @ 2pm – Congregate at the lower end of Bull St

Rally @ 4pm – Waterstones, High St


Why we fear and oppose the Tories

Why this General Election matters to Deaf and Disabled people – Please think about this when you cast your vote on 8 June

On June 8 UK voters will have a say on who governs the country over the next five years.

Who wins will make a huge difference to our lives.

Since 2010 Government policies have taken away essential support from hundreds of thousands of Disabled people and our families, making us pay for a financial crisis we did not cause. Far from being “all in it together”, research has shown that on average Disabled people have been hit nine times harder by cuts than non-Disabled people. For people with high support needs who need social care support, that figure rises to nineteen times harder.

When Conservative Minister Iain Duncan Smith resigned in March 2016 he accused his own party of targeting the poor and Disabled people for cuts because they don’t vote Tory. He said: “This is about my concern at a Conservative Government losing its direction, and hurting those who are most vulnerable. It is headed in a direction that divides society.”

Inequality is rapidly growing in the UK. Nearly half of all poverty is directly associated with disability. Meanwhile the richest 100 people in Britain increased their wealth by £55.5bn since 2010.  The adverse impact on Disabled people is terrible. Social care cuts have left many trapped indoors without access to food or water for hours at a time. It is now common practice to replace support to use the toilet with incontinence pads for people who aren’t incontinent. Others no longer receive any support at all. The message sent by this Government is that Disabled people are too expensive to have the same quality of life as others or to expect to have our basic human needs met.

That simply isn’t true.

Even in times of recession, Government’s make a choice about how and where they spend money and where cuts are made. There are alternatives – alternatives which would benefit the many not the few. Millions of pounds of public money spent paying profit-making companies to carry out benefit assessments that aren’t fit for purpose, that cause untold suffering to Disabled people and which have failed to bring down the benefit bill is a waste of money. The Access to Work scheme which supports Deaf and Disabled people in employment was shown to bring a surplus back to the Treasury – bringing a return of £1.48 for every £1 invested in it. And yet this Government has made cuts and changes to the scheme that has forced Deaf and Disabled people out of jobs and out of careers they have spent their lives building.  On the other hand, investing in support for Disabled people enables us to go out and contribute to society and to employ Personal Assistants while saving money to the NHS and crisis care.

What sort of a society do you want to live in – one where Deaf and Disabled people are shut away, neglected and vulnerable to abuse or one where we are supported to bring our skills and talents to building a stronger society for us all?

 Look at what the different parties are saying about disability and who has stood up for us when we have been under attack over the past few years. And, if you’re not registered to vote or not planning to vote, please reconsider, because who wins this election really does matter.

Disabled People Against Cuts West Midlands is a regional network made up of disabled people from with across our region who have been involved individually either at a national level with Disabled People Against Cuts and/or campaigning on anti-austerity and disability rights issues within their local areas.  DPAC WM covers Warwickshire, Coventry, Birmingham, Solihull, Dudley, Wolverhampton and Staffordshire.

 Published by DPAC – contact: DPACWM@groups.facebook.com



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