We understand City Council Sheltered Housing Tenants (many of whom are vulnerable and in a lot of hardship) are now being charged nearly £100 per year for the hardwired Careline security system which is installed in this type of accommodation.

We also understand a challenge to relevant managers and councillors over this has been lodged. Here is a letter which has just been sent from someone affected;
“To, The Support Manager, Services for Older People, Birmingham City Council. 22/4/2017
I am writing to say that a Sheltered Housing charge of over £7 per week is already levied on Sheltered Housing tenants. I am also aware that warden/support officer presence at the above Scheme has been slashed from five days per week to only two.
Now, to my great concern, I have recently found out that a charge of £1.89 per week for the hardwired Careline support system has been in place since the beginning of April. As a service user I would have thought it would have been no more than basic courtesy (or possibly even a requirement) for the department to have written to every affected service user/tenant in advance of this proposal and would like to know why this was not done because I certainly received no correspondence to this effect. At least then I could have replied in the same courteous manner to make it clear to your department that I am struggling to pay my bills as it is and simply cannot afford a further £98 per year for Careline.
I am appealing for this correspondence to be taken seriously and look forward to receiving a reply in the near future. Thank you.
Yours Sincerely”
(Name and Address supplied)

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