Councillors, start a mass public campaign to demand government stops the cuts and funds our services!

Birmingham Council budget and services are being cut to the bone. But our Labour councillors say there is nothing they can do, it’s the government. We say: Yes there is – start a mass public campaign against government cuts to Council services and the NHS. Give a lead to the people of Birmingham to tell government to give us back our funding. This is what you could do, right now:

  • Organise a mass petition in shopping centres and workplaces
  • Hold major public meetings in the city centre and local areas, with expert speakers and national figures, to explain what is happening
  • Create a section of the Council website for the anti-cuts campaign, with sections on specific issues with factsheets, videos etc.
  • Create new forums on each issue (e.g. on Children’s Social Care) to enable an ongoing dialogue between service users, campaigners, council workers and the Council
  • Support local creatives and youth to make videos, music etc highlighting the issues
  • Hold a Save Our Services festival with stalls for every service and every campaign
  • Press the Labour Party to produce punchy campaign materials that spell out clearly what a Labour government will do to end austerity and rebuild local Council and NHS services
  • Encourage the unions to get fully involved in all these activities
  • Urge other Labour councils to join with us

A public campaign led by Labour now is the surest way to ensure a Labour government at the next election.


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