Chancellor’s Autumn Statement protest 23rd November 5-6pm Waterstones, Bull Ring

On Wednesday 23rd November Phillip Hammond, the new Tory Chancellor, will make his Autumn statement. For all of the claims that Theresa May has distanced herself from the Cameron government the Autumn statement will continue the Tory policies of cuts and austerity.

The deep financial crisis which is affecting the NHS will not be addressed and the massive cuts affecting local councils will not be reversed.

The reduction in the benefit cap will hit 116,000 families with between 1 and 4 children in them. In the West Midlands the number of households affected will rise from around 1,000 to around 12,000.

In Birmingham the big cuts in Adult Social Care will continue, as will the Library cuts (which involve a relatively small amount of money (£1.9 million).

The cuts in Children’s services will continue. School education is scheduled for big cuts in Birmingham, reportedly 14% by 2020.

Join us to protest at the Autumn Statement, Wednesday 23rd November, 5-6pm Waterstones (entrance to the Bull Ring).

The protest is supported by Birmingham Against the Cuts, Birmingham People’s Assembly, the Library Campaign, Birmingham TUC and Keep NHS Public.


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